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15 09, 2020

If you wouldn’t copy another speaker’s keynote, why are you copying their contract?

By |2020-09-15T11:02:07+02:0015th September 2020|Virtual Chapter|

“The comfort zone is the great enemy of courage and confidence.” Brian Tracy. This quote seems quite apt when I sat to listen to PSASA virtual meeting on 8 September. Getting honoured with note taking and being new, I hope I understood the protocol. I trust you enjoyed the meeting [...]

3 09, 2020

ROI Isn’t Just About Content by Projeni Pather

By |2020-09-04T10:56:08+02:003rd September 2020|Virtual Chapter|

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the PSASA Virtual Chapter meeting held via Zoom on 11 August 2020. After an introduction by the uber competent Usha Maharaj of the Chapter’s Leadership Committee and a brief networking session, we got to the star of the show, Projeni [...]

11 10, 2019

Speakers and our Intellectual Property

By |2019-10-11T22:22:21+02:0011th October 2019|Virtual Chapter|

The Virtual chapter hosted Roy Taberer this month, a practicing IP Lawyer and speaker. Roy walked us through all things Intellectual Property with an emphasis on what we as speakers need to look out for in regards to, firstly how we should protect our own work and second what [...]

25 09, 2019

All Access Pass to All Star Success – Virtual Chapter Meeting

By |2019-11-22T16:33:14+02:0025th September 2019|Virtual Chapter|

The latest Virtual Chapter meeting had us reaching ever higher with the introduction of a very special guest; Nabil Doss. Known as «The French Voice of Paramount Pictures in Canada», Nabil is a seasoned speaker and an expert in Influential Communication who voiced, directed and produced all of the [...]

12 06, 2018

The Value of Masterminds

By |2018-06-18T07:44:39+02:0012th June 2018|General, Virtual Chapter|

It is always wonderful to come across a technique that can help to elevate our lives that is simultaneously really valuable, highly recommended, costs nothing, and is sugar-free. Introducing Masterminds! Masterminds are informal groups of people who commit to meeting together to support each other in the growth of whatever [...]

30 04, 2018

Podcasting for Professional Speakers

By |2019-11-22T16:14:01+02:0030th April 2018|General, Virtual Chapter|

It’s time to take a step in a new direction! At the PSASA 2018 Convention this past month in Gauteng, we heard a very interesting and challenging presentation from NSA member David Pisarra who told us how he has used podcasts to increase his legal practice. There was a great [...]

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