MC: Ursula Botha
Blog writer: Tim Wagner

Guest: Stef du Plessis (PSASA Founder)

Ursula opened the meeting to the feeling of anticipation as to what our quest speaker would share with the 40 people who came live to hear him.

Open was a discussion:
“What do you need to do to build your speaking business that you are not presently doing”.
• Speak more – all the time
• Be consistent on social media
• Connect and phone event organisers
• Engage with those who will pay.

Ursula introduced Stef du Plessis. (

Title: What really goes into building a speaking business.

Over the next 45 minutes, Stef dropped so many nuggets that it is impossible to record them all here. These are the words. His energy and emotions he stirs in his audience requires a person to see him live.

• Stef tells the truth, as it is with no issues to how you react. “This is me, leave if you do not like it.”
• When using slides, do not use words – use pictures.
• He shared his earnings over the past decades to inspire and allow us to see what is possible as a professional speaker.
• Stef is the 1st SA speaker to be a member of the Million $ Speakers Round Table in the USA. Achieved in 2010.
• “There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going”. This takes hard work.
• Coaching is not his thing, so he has a business partner. “If it is not meant for you to do, it will wear you out”.
• He learnt to say No to the stuff he should not be doing. If it is not in your suite spot say No.
• Points:

• #1. Get lucky
• If you are hiring staff, he has a unique approach which has stood him well. Get the right people on your team
• Learnt in 1989 “It is not what happens to you, its what you do about it that matters”
• Join Master Mind groups and use others names as draw cards to get clients.
• Education is key. Even when he could not afford it he bought courses to learn.
• Learning to sell is key.
• Practice patience. Do it well and don’t ask for the upsell. Do not pitch and do not sell. Clients will remember you and come back.

• #2. Get Real
• Learn to differentiate between fake and fact
• Stop making everything a competition.
• Stop sugar coating. Tell the truth.

• #3 Get Clear
• Why are you doing this?
• His is family. Do it for the ‘dash’ on the tombstone.
• Do this with honour, do it right and do it truthfully
• I am not doing it for a legacy – I am doing it for the money to have the life for my family and community.
• How?
• Big speaking gigs puts me in front of the decision makers.
• Money is made in the training rooms. Keynotes do not make the money. Workshops do.

• # 4 Get good at it
• Today is the best time to get good at it
• Get good by doing 1000 speeches
• Buy programs, go back to school, up your game

• #5 Get content
• Have something real to say
• Tell your story
• Figure out what they will pay you money for

Stef ended and left the audience speechless.

Blog writers final takeaway:
• Be authentic. Be yourself and be honest.
• You have a story and knowing why you are doing this is essential.
• It is hard work and the more you work, the luckier you will get.
• Be clear on your message and ensure people will pay you to hear it.
• Do what you are good at and outsource what you are not.

Ndjika closed explaining the process to participate in Speaker Factor and the PSASA annual convention.

Next meeting Tues 13 February.