New to PSASA?

Welcome to the home of speakers in Southern Africa.

If you are, or striving to be a professional speaker, trainer, facilitator or coach, or if you use speaking to further your business or career, then you will find resources here to build your future speaking business.


The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) is a membership body of Professional Speakers together with Associate and Affiliate Members and Developmental Students.

The Association exists to support the common needs of Member Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Facilitators, and others in the profession across a range of speaking and business competencies towards excellence.

PSASA offers many opportunities and networks to build your professional speaking career, learn from colleagues in the industry, connect with international speaking colleagues, and build your speaking business.

Our Blueprint

The PSASA blueprint, introduced in April 2022 depicts our six core values that are evident in our members and meetings:
Confidence / Competence / Courage / Celebration / Collaboration / Community

The education aspect of the association focuses on the 10 speaking competencies that are used in our speaking classes and chapter meetings to develop our members speaking businesses:
Niche / Positioning / Structure / Business model / Deal Closure / Personal Influence / Vocal Skills / Stage Craft / Audience Engagement / Technology

The centre of the blueprint depicts the four main membership types that surround our logo that gives a voice to the African continent.

Chapters & Events

The PSASA hosts monthly Chapter meetings in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. First time Guests are welcome FREE to any Chapter event, thereafter visitors pay an event fee.

There is also a monthly Virtual Chapter meeting held online via Zoom. Access to the Virtual Chapter is free to members, visitors, and guests.

To provide speakers with more opportunity to education and networking, there are a number of topic specific online masterminds that are open to both members and non-members.

Members have access to a number of monthly speaker classes that deep dive into topics related to personal and business development.

PSASA hosts two annual events: in October the mid-term convention with an education focus and our main convention in April with international guests, awards and a gala dinner.

How to join PSASA

We don’t sell memberships: we nurture relationships.

There are many ways to benefit from the content and networking available from PSASA before you decide to join as a member. We encourage you to attend a local chapter meeting, visit our masterminds and get to network with the members to find your fit.

Once you have decided to become a member, we would love to invite you to our next Orientation meeting where you will get a broad overview of the association and all that it has to offer.

PSASA offers different membership types.

Professional Members – for people who have designed a speaking business and earn their primary income from speaking and speaking related products and services. In order to qualify as a Professional Member, a speaker would need to meet certain criteria including a minimum annual income from speaking.

Fees: R 3 969,00 paid annually or monthly via debt order

Associate Members – for early-stage speakers starting their careers and intending to build a speaking business and progress to the professional membership.

Fees: R 2 823,00 paid annually or monthly via debt order

Affiliate Members – professionals, leaders and business people who use speaking to promote their products or missions but are not necessarily intending to become professional speakers.

Fees: R 2 823,00 paid annually or monthly via debt order

Student Members – for young speakers (18 – 25) already on a professional career path who want to develop skills in speaking.

Fees: R 1 200,00 paid annually or monthly via debt order

Honorary Members – This membership category is reserved for those potentially retiring members who have served the profession and the association over many years and who no longer earn their primary income from speaking