Global Speaking Fellow

In response to the expanding international nature of the needs of global speaking members, international clients, and global audiences, the Global Speakers Federation has established the framework for a designation that recognizes professional speakers successfully presenting at a global level.

Award Details

Successfully working across continents as a global presenter requires business acumen, specialized knowledge, and mastery of key competencies unique to presenting in global markets.

With the input of global meeting professionals, international bureaus, global speakers, and research data that explored the precedent set for conferring global designations by associations across professions and industries, the GSF identified four core competency areas of global speaking:

  1. Global Communication Competency
  2. Global Business Competency
  3. Global Travel Competency
  4. Global Events Competency

Awarded by the Global Speakers Federation, the Global Speaking Fellow designation recognises speakers who fulfil these requirements.

Award Requirements

For more on the award requirements and process, please see the GSF page here.

Our Global Speaking Fellows

The PSASA is proud that the following members have achieved this international status. They are:

Dr Graeme Codrington

Global Speaking Fellow
SASHoF, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow
Paul du Toit

Paul du Toit

Global Speaking Fellow
SdPFA, SASHoF, SAEHoF, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, CVP
Stef du Plessis - Speaker

Stef du Plessis

Global Speaking Fellow
SdPFA, SASHoF, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow