PSASA Virtual Chapter 12 September 2023

Chair: Ursula Botha

Guess speakers: Chris Voysey and Laura Baxter.

Spotlight:  Ed Hatton.

No one identified for this week as Virtual chapter members need to refine and complete their PSASA website profiles.  Ed will select from captivating and completed profiles each month to have a 3 minute spotlight.

Chris Voysey: 

“Gym for the Voice” (The opera singing speaker)

Chris spoke on the importance of exercising your voice like you do your body.

  • When speaking loudly to a large room, do not shout as this is not clear.
  • To project your voice requires psychological thinking that your voice is filling the room.
  • Take care of your voice by keeping it lubricated throughout with water
  • Release your stress zone (head, neck, shoulders) as this is also your vocal zone.

Gym for the voice:

  1. Release – exercise and stretch to release upper body and face tensions.
  2. Breathing – is the foundation of your voice so exercise your lungs.
  3. Resonate tone – Hum into your lips while driving.
  4. Clarity – say tongue twisters in your car to help with formulating words
  5. Brain vocal variety – Take your words and use them wisely.

Chris recommends using your time in the car to practice out loud, sing, hum etc.  The ideal training room.

Laura Baxter: 

“The voice of Leadership”.

A 2002 study showed that doctors with poor “colour” in their voice were more likely to be sued than those who used calming tones which elicited more trust.

7 Steps to a stronger voice:

  1. Aerobic posture releases your neck, jaw, upper abdomen and pelvic diaphragm.
  2. Breathing technique. Breath support is essential for your vocal cords. The way you breath is mirrored to your audience.  When you breathe tense – they become tense.  When you are breathing and speaking relaxed, they relaxed.  Example of how a politician speaks to rally support.   You can stress an audience out.
  3. The colour of your voice and where you place it in your throat gives a different style and feel.
  4.   Using your tongue, lips etc.
  5. Vocal Health. Drink water before you are thirsty.  Use lemon to create mucus to protect your vocal cords.  Treat them with respect and look after them as essential for your health and not only your voice.
  6. Adapt to situations. The type of mike, the size of the room. Be prepared.
  7. Your inner voice. Laura studied how to help people relax when tense as there is a psychological side to the voice. Stage fright, anxiety etc.

Ursula closed the meeting reminding us all to book our PSASA 2024 convention tickets.

Thank you to Chris and Laura for their time and insights.

Prepared by Tim Wagner
Transformational Professional Pointer