Our Values

The PSASA values tell the members and our clients and our communities what we stand for and that we are worthy of the recognition of the primary association for professional speakers in Southern Africa

Our Values are guiding principles and aspirational. Some people may not always live by them and as such are different from our Code of Ethics and members Pledge which we hold our members accountable for and where disciplinary action may be taken.

The goal of the PSASA is to ensure the standard of excellence in the profession of speaking and to promote professional speaking through:

  • A belief in and adherence to the highest standard of ethics.
  • Demonstrated professional competence.
  • A commitment to continued development of expertise and knowledge.
  • A responsibility to clients and to the profession.
  • Integrity in all our dealing with members, colleagues and clients.

The PSASA’s Core Values

Family and Community:

We are part of a local and international community of people who use the power of the word and share the platform to enrich the potential of ourselves and others.

We embrace the abundance theory by sharing our gifts, talents, knowledge, expertise and experience and a willingness to respect and accept the legitimacy of alternate opinions and experiences and to strive to work together to give and receive reciprocal value.

Ongoing Personal Development:

Ongoing striving for and taking action to challenge mediocrity in ourselves, personally and collectively in the many pursuits and facets of our lives and businesses.


An open-mindedness to pursue the potential of success, to embrace technology and through our own personal empowerment to assist others find their own possible futures.


To strive and commit to deliver the best possible inputs and advise to all those who we may touch and who put their trust in us. We also strive to act congruently with the behaviours and messages we present on and off the platform.