Speaker Classes

Three Speaker Classes

PSASA offers three new speaker classes, in the form of interactive masterminds, to help members to make progress in their careers.

Only members of PSASA are able to join these groups and can move to the next group, after a period of time, to learn more to deeper their understanding of the speaker journey.

To Join

Please contact Membership to be directed to the registration page for each of these masterminds. Only qualifying members may join the relevant group, and you may be a member of only one group. Attendance of multiple groups will not guarantee success, only application of what is learned and shared.

Members Only

These are the only meetings that are for members only. PSASA offers a great deal of value to non-members, including 3 public masterminds, attendance at any Virtual Chapter Meeting, recordings of most Virtual and many other meetings available on the YouTube channel and the opportunity to attend physical chapter meetings while only paying for the meeting.

These three groups are designed for our members to provide practical assistance and access to experienced members to assist them in their speaking careers.

Launch Speaker Class

New associate members of PSASA have the opportunity to join this mastermind and work through the fundamentals of what is needed to start your speaking journey.

This is a safe space for those who need to explore, question, find out and experiment with ways to approach their speaking business.

  • Any person who is speaking, or who aspires to be a professional speaker, may join PSASA as an associate.
  • All new associate members will be invited to this group.


Bruce Wade is the champion of this group.

Lift Off Speaker Class

This group is for those paid up members of PSASA who are seeking to move their business forward and who want to move from Associate to Professional member. 

Ideally a person in this group has been a member of PSASA for at least a year, or who has been in the speaking business for three years.

Here we learn how to raise our game, professionalize our business, define our brand, message and solutions and more.

  • An associate may apply for professional membership when that speaker is presenting 25 or more paid speaking engagements in a year, or has earned R250,000 or more from speaking per annum.
  • Professional membership is granted after unanimous approval by the Executive Council.
  • New members who join PSASA as Professional members, may join either the Launch or Lift-Off groups.

Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 18h00 SAST.


Yoke van Dam & Juanita Vorster  are the champions of this group.

Luminary Speaker Class

Once a member has a sustainable speaking business and wants to take their business and career further, then this is the group for them.

In this group we will look at how to achieve the Certified Speaking Professional designation, perhaps the Global Speaking Fellow designation, developing an international or global brand, creating sustainable speaking business revenues and more.

  • A person needs to have been a professional member of PSASA for at least 3 years before joining the Luminary Group.
  • You need to be making all or most of your regular income from your speaking/training work.


Nikki Bush is the champion of this group.