Virtual Chapter Meeting – November 2023

Tim Wagner hosted the meeting as the MC.

The meeting began with ‘breakout rooms’. Participants were asked to comment on how to improve their influencing skills. Responses included:

– Constant communication with as many people as possible
– Always be authentic
– Constantly repeat your message
– Ask more questions
– Focus on doing what you do best
– Practice, practice, practice
– Meet your audience where they are at and address pain points

The keynote speakers were:

Joni Peddie

Joni’s theme: Adopt a ‘bounce forward’ approach by adopting biohacking techniques for the body and the brain to maintain energy and focus 24/7.

Her biohacking revolved around the acronym SME to boost brain and body function:

S – quality sleep. 7 hours, minimum. The brain requires REM and Stage 4 sleep to function optimally.

M – movement. Helps the brain to produce BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor). Important in brain stimulation, learning, and memory.

E – eating. Fueling the body with the correct nutrients is important. Sugar is toxic for the body.

When traveling:

– Avoid alcohol
– Avoid caffeine 8 hrs before bed
– Digital detox 60 – 90 min before bed
– Use blue light blockers

Morning rituals: meditation and movement
Evening rituals: stretching and reading

Shelle Rose Charvet

Topic: Fundamental Difference between Men and Women – Why It Matters for Speakers

Fundamental male and female model exist and can be thought of as the operating system for each. The models are influenced by culture, topic, and context. The models provide the ‘rules’ by which that model operates.

Male model: Life is like a team sport.

Female model: Life is like a classroom.

Understanding these models is important for speakers so that they can engage with their audiences more effectively.

The female model requires rapport first and credibility second.
The male model requires credibility first and rapport second.