Supercharge Your Sales with Ed and Bruce: Overcoming Blind Spots and Strategizing for Success


In the PSASA Virtual event, sales experts Ed Hatton and Bruce Wade shared their insights on how to supercharge sales by identifying blind spots and adopting strategic approaches. Their presentations offered valuable lessons for sales professionals looking to enhance their skills and achieve outstanding results. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the main points from their inspiring talks.

Ed Hatton: Overcoming Blind Spots

Ed Hatton, also known as the Sage Mentor, kicked off the event by emphasising the importance of addressing blind spots in sales. He provided invaluable guidance on recognising and overcoming these obstacles to achieve success. Here are the key points from his presentation:

  1. Recognizing Myopia: Ed highlighted the common pitfall of myopia in sales, where individuals become complacent and fail to see beyond their immediate surroundings. He shared an anecdote about overcoming myopia, leading to a significant sales contract. His message? It’s crucial to maintain a forward-thinking mindset.
  2. Addressing Cataracts: Ed drew attention to cataracts as metaphorical blind spots that hinder sales success. By sharing a personal story of adapting focus to target a specific market and identifying a problem to solve, he underscored the importance of identifying and addressing client needs effectively.

Bruce Wade: Strategic Storytelling for Sales Success

Bruce Wade, a renowned expert in strategic storytelling, captivated the audience with his presentation on “What if you never had to sell anything but free stuff?” Here are the main takeaways from Bruce’s talk:

  1. Sustainable Innovation: Bruce introduced the concept of adopting a sustainable and innovative mindset based on the seven laws of sustainable innovation. This mindset enables sales professionals to think creatively and strategically, leading to increased sales opportunities.
  2. Building Referral Networks: Bruce stressed the power of building referral networks to connect with potential clients. By encouraging clients to pass on positive experiences and invite others to networking events, sales professionals can leverage word-of-mouth marketing and expand their reach.
  3. The Fodos Methodology: Bruce shared his strategy session process, utilising the Fodos methodology to identify client needs effectively. This systematic approach helps sales professionals understand their target audience, tailor solutions, and foster meaningful connections.
  4. The Importance of Authenticity: Bruce highlighted the significance of authenticity in sales. Instead of relying on manipulative tactics, he encouraged sales professionals to focus on understanding and addressing clients’ genuine problems, ultimately building trust and long-lasting relationships.


The PSASA Virtual event provided invaluable insights into enhancing sales techniques with presentations from Ed Hatton and Bruce Wade. Overcoming blind spots, adopting a strategic mindset, and utilising storytelling techniques can help sales professionals supercharge their results. By recognising and addressing personal and industry-specific challenges, sales professionals can navigate the ever-evolving sales landscape with confidence and exhibit a customer-centric approach.


By: Eksteen de Waal and his AI companion