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To help speakers make progress in their speaking careers, or to focus on developing new skill areas, members of PSASA have initiated a number of masterminds.

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of peers, collaborating and supporting each other to learn and apply what they have learned to further their careers.

– These masterminds are not official chapters of PSASA, but hosted by PSASA members.
– Generally PSASA masterminds are open to non-members as well as members of PSASA. If you are starting out as a speaker, they may be a good way to get some initial feel for the industry before signing up as a member.
– Some of the masterminds have a two-tier system, with a Core Mastermind and a second tier or class where the mastermind members share what they have learned with their colleagues. (OMfOS and DMG / DMC and PodMind / PodClass)
– Most of the masterminds are online which allows people to join regardless of where they are located – anywhere in the world.

Types of groups

Open groups mean that anyone can attend at any time.
On Application means that you would need to ask the group if you can join. These groups have a high expectation that members participate in all meetings and all current members need to approve any new member who joins.
Closed groups are established for very specific reasons so they will not be of value to others not participating in a specific program.

Join one or start your own

The masterminds are designed to be as approachable as possible and not in any way exclusive. There is no fee. There is no necessary hurdle of experience or income generated from speaking. Coaches, trainers, facilitators, entertainers, speakers – all are welcome, any where in the world.

It is our plan to initiate more masterminds in the future. We would love to see masterminds based on local languages, on particular skill sets, or speaking topic areas.

If you are interested in joining a mastermind, please email the Champion of that group. Check it out and look around. There are probably a few options that you can look at.

If you are interested in starting a new mastermind, go for it! Let us know and we will add it to this page.

Name Type Meeting Day Contact Champion
OMfOS – Online Mastermind for Online Speakers – Core Online 1st Tuesday evening Ian Hatton
OMfOS – Online Mastermind for Online Speakers – Group Online / Open 4th Tuesday evening Ian Hatton
DMG – Development Mastermind Group Online / Application 4th Thursday morning Richard Mulvey
DMC – Development Master Class Online / Application 2nd Wednesday evening Richard Mulvey
PodMind (podcasting) – Core Online / Application 1st Wednesday Wilmien Davies
PodClass (podcasting) – Group Online / Open 1st Thursday Wilmien Davies
Chapter Presidents Online / Closed 1st Tuesday Hani du Toit
COE Speaker Mastermind Online / Closed Wednesday mornings Ian Hatton
New Venture Mastermind Online / Application Monday mornings Gail Sturgess
Woodstock Mastermind Cape Town / Application 2nd Thursday evening Bruce Wade
Women Speakers – Cape Town Cape Town / Application Last Friday midday Charlotte Kemp
Women Speakers – Pretoria Pretoria / Application Last Friday morning Taryn-Lee Kearney
Women Speakers – Virtual Online / Open Alternate Month Thur / Sat Charlotte Kemp
The Sales Meeting Online / Open Tuesday mornings Richard Mulvey
Book Writers Mastermind for Speakers Online / Open 1st Monday evening Richard Mulvey

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