Building a Trustworthy Brand

What does trust mean to you? For most of us, it is an “either/or” concept. People either trust you or they don’t.

It turns out it’s far more complex than that. We can trust people from a relational perspective, but not trust them from a skills perspective. Ian Hatton, a conscious leadership expert, and author of the soon to be released Lead Like Morpheus book, discussed these concepts in his talk “AIR – A conscious way to build trust with clients and teams”, at the PSASA Johannesburg chapter.

It appears trust can be almost akin to language. Some people understand and speak one language and other people understand a different language. When we begin to understand each other’s language of trust, we can build bridges. Our speaker, fresh from his visit to Saudi Arabia, provided valuable insights into building better relationships.

As speakers, we have a team of people who help us achieve our goals. Those don’t just have to be people you employ. They could be your photographer, your printer, or even your travel agent. Having said that, as a quick side note, we have to thank Linda. for once again making our speakers shine with her creative photographic approach. She is an integral part of our team.

Your own team could be family members who help support your career or affiliates and brand ambassadors. If you have not done so already, then check out Ian’s free Discover the Current Leadership State in your team or organisation. This community you have built can add or detract from the level of trust that you display in the marketplace as a speaker.

It is not surprising that our second speaker, Marie Le Roux, known as the mafia boss for the League of visionaries, continued down this path by using podcasts as a way to build trust. But which ones are the best ones to go on? Surely all podcasts mean increased visibility, and that is a good thing? Not so, says Marie. To get the right target audience, you want to be in front of a group of people who love the kind of content that podcast has. Although the listenership to a niche podcast may be smaller that a mainstream radio station, they are a loyal group of subscribers who have a special interest in your message. That means better quality leads for your business.

In this session, Marie helped us to unpack the kind of information we need to convey when we are pitching for podcasts. Those who attended the event could download some material that will help them in structuring this. The value that the guests got was incredible. Already we are starting to hear about guests who reached out directly to our speakers to engage with more content. And we’ve noticed one or two of them have already been featured on Marie’s podcasts.

This concludes our training for the year and we have to say we had the most incredible group of people that helped us to elevate brands in many ways.

So join us for next year when we are going to be hearing about the chemistry of a keynote and we have four more exciting line-up for our members to help them elevate their brands.



Ian Hatton
Ian Hatton

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Marie Le Roux
Marie Le Roux