Virtual Chapter – 13 March 2023

Once again, another dynamic meeting with the PSASA Virtual Chapter event on 13 March where we had our Speaker Factor finalists go into breakout rooms with members of the Virtual Chapter and give their winning speech again. Here they received great feedback on what was good and where they can improve to better their chances in the semi-finals.

Following on that was our AGM and a new committee was voted in for 2023/24. Committee comprises of:

Johanita Thwaits – Virtual Chapter President
Chris VanderWalt – Deputy President
Michele Thwaits
Ursula Botha
Njideka Orji
Ed Hatton

Fresh new faces and a fresh new outlook for the committee this year. Congratulations to the new members of the committee.

In celebration of Professional Speakers Day, a dynamic lady – Olga Geidane, former Regional President, PSA Yorkshire and VSAI Board member. Olga shared with us the important speaker role globally. This lady with her bright red lipstick, bright red jacket, wowed us, energised us, captivated us, inspired us and motivated our socks off. She reminded us that speaking is not about us, but all about our audience. Your audience is there to get YOUR gift. Stay tuned in and connected to your audience.

What an inspiration and what a valued addition to the VSAI Board.