“Pitch in a way that Michael Jordan would say YES Strategic selling for speakers, trainers and coaches by Yoke van Dam”

The Pretoria PSASA chapter were treated to an interactive keynote turned workshop on the 29th of June by Yoke van Dam. The chapter recently moved to a brand-new venue at the Menlyn Piazza which featured sound, lighting and even a stage.

The audience was a mix of speakers, business owners, recruiters and many more wanting to learn more about strategic selling.

The speaker kept the audience captivated as she shared lessons from the Michael Jordan and Nike deal in the 80’s and accompanied this with video footage from the Trailer of the Air film.

What did the audience think?

“Yoke had a very interesting sense of humour and presented her talk in a way that was easily digestible but very layered and informative!!” -Darryl

“Your presence is radical and so informative. You truly inspired a shift in my thinking. -Bobby”

“Thank you so much for inviting us to your event. We were captivated throughout the talk, really learned some valuable tips that will help me sell myself and my product better.”

“Both me and my husband got different lessons out of it and incurrence both of us to go for what we are worth ”

“Thank you for a great event, Yoke van Dam really shared valuable insights.

Here are some of the core take-aways from Yoke’s talk.

1.When sales are low how will we restore our reputation and get more sale. Do you have evidence of your speaking so that you can be “discovered” by an agent or a client online?

2. Others might not buy into your ideas, fight for them.

3. There are 4 different types of buyers do you have a strategy for each?

  • Economic buyers
  • The Technical buyer
  • The user buyer
  • The coach

4. Have empathy, put yourself in the shoes of your clients. What does the client really want?

5. Do a competitor analysis.

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor?
  • What will make you stand out from them?

6. Your unique positioning and building the pitch around the client.

  • When you sell to a client can you customise your pitch around them?
  • Can you align your presentation, your message and your delivery to feel as if its only for them?

7. Creating your pitch

  • Can you build a prototype or give them a teaser to get a taster of your product or service?
  1. The reveal:

How can you zoosh up your delivery?

  • Listen to the audience and knowing when to pivot.
  • Make it sticky, speak to your clients’ emotions.
  • Know that there will be lag time.
  • Negotiation and closing

Sometimes you need to break the rules and set new rules in place.

Thank you to the Pretoria chapter for hosting another great event for PSASA Pretoria.

Follow Yoke van Dam https://www.linkedin.com/in/yokevandam/

Or on YouTube https://youtube.com/c/yokevandam


Natasha Malan:
“You will never know the day and time someone will discover you, take risks, be a rookie get out of your comfort zone. Not everyone will buy into you ideas and that’s okay. Keep on doing what you love, believe in your dreams, your vision, your voice.

Empathy is a choice
Empathy stay out of judgment
Empathy is feeling what people feel
Make you’re story, your voice, you message stick”

Join us at PSASA Pretoria again, this Thursday for Dr Ian Bratt on: “The chemistry of a keynote”.