The Shame Game and Multiple braining by Yoke van Dam and Jacques de Villiers

Last night Liezl Thom connected a few dots for me, when she spoke at PSASA Pretoria on Multiple braining, using your intelligence centres intelligently.

When one of my friends met Nelson Mandela, she said that you could feel his presence radiating from inside him. At the time she was a chaperone for an event at her university many years ago. She said the moment he entered the room the energy of the room shifted, people looked up and knew something was going on.

Liezl shared with us last night, that if you are heart-aligned, your heart can send out a magnetic field that can be measured 9 metres away (and felt even outside of the room). Pretty much what you felt when Nelson Mandela was in a room.

The Cardiac brain’s functions are: emoting, values and relational. And when we tap into what this brain values and wants we can get heart-aligned.

Liezl says we use Cardiac language when we say things like: “wearing your heart on your sleeve, getting to the heart of the matter, tugging at the heartstrings, having a change of heart”.

We do however have 2 other brains too, the Enteric brain(gut brain) with the functions of identity, self-preservation and mobilization. And the Cephalic brain, with the functions of thinking, making meaning and cognitive perception.

Ultimately you need to check in if you are aligned with your head, your heart, and your gut. And if those 3 are aligned you will have increased brain flow, creative thoughts, increased health, and better decision-making.

This is why breathing techniques are so important. Why Positive psychology works, because as you boost your positive emotions it boosts your immune system. Reach out to her to find out more, or book her for a coaching session or a keynote.
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Written by Yoke van Dam

I was an MC at last night’s PSASA Pretoria Chapter meeting and watched two sublime speakers. Liezl Thom and Costa Carastravakis. Yoke has covered Liezl’s presentation beautifully.

Costa’s masterfully crafted and presented keynote, The Shame Game, is a small window into his real-world lived experience as a gay South African Greek man.

He faced prejudice in all its forms – from bullying to rape to rejection from his church. He took us on a (sometimes harrowing and uncomfortable) journey of his destruction through alcohol and drugs to his resurrection as a man who is comfortable in his own skin and knows his unique gift to the world.

The Shame Game highlighted my own shame, both as a perpetrator and as a victim. It helped me to see my blind spots when it comes to my narrow view of the world.

It highlighted the fact that I have a long way to go; my biases and fears are strong.

I’m thankful for this gift of a keynote that was offered to me. I’ll do better.

Written by Jacques de Villiers

Well done to the Pretoria team and President, Frans Nortje in hosting another amazing evening.