Help get Lorraine to COP26!

Dear speaker colleagues and friends

One of PSASA’s highest values is to Celebrate Success. We do this because our celebrations recognise the huge amount of work, effort, dedication and sometimes sacrifice that is invested into the work that we as speakers do, for our clients and audiences.

Today we want to both celebrate Lorraine Jenks, and demonstrate our high regard for her work by supporting the campaign that has been started to get her to an event that is the highlight of an incredible career.

Over the decades Lorraine has steadfastly raised the awareness of clients, audiences, speakers, and people in the hotel and tourism sectors and more, to the effects of global warming and environmental issues. She hasn’t just told doomsday stories however, she has modelled better responses and demonstrated better products.

Because of the work she has done, she has won numerous awards and accolades and the respect of her peers in multiple industries.

Last week Lorraine Jenks was invited, for a literally ‘invitation only’ event to attend the Blue Zone at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow where she will be able to meet and discuss issues with heads of state and other climate leaders.

This is an incredible recognition of Lorraine’s activism and contribution to our profession, and to our planet.

Please support and donate to the Back-a-Buddy Campaign for Lorraine.

No, we don’t do this for every member of PSASA, but we really do want to support Lorraine in a life time achievement that honours her work.

And I feel like a little piece of all of us will go with her to this event as we stand by and support our friend and colleague.


Charlotte Kemp
PSASA President 2021 / 2022


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