Book Writers Mastermind

As speakers, we are always striving to expand our influence and writing a book is considered to be an excellent start in improving your exposure and marketability.

Books help you build trust and also provide resources for continuing education and inspiration for your audience. They greatly expand your reach and ultimately increase your book-ability. That means more money in your pocket. Yet, many speakers do not think past that first book, which is a mindset our new Mastermind Champion, Kim Vermaak is keen to change.

In March, as we bid farewell to Annabelle Bee Baumann, our motivational humorist, who headed out the Mastermind; we spent some time pondering “What’s Next in the Plot?” Author and self-publishing Mindset Whisperer, Kim Vermaak took up the mantle for the next season. To inspire our team, Kim shared a “Writing Prompt with the group.

What is a prompt you may ask…?

It comprises a few sentences raising an issue, or asking a question that you will have to respond to in an essay. Participants start with the same words from the prompt and then continue in their own words.

As a self -published author with over ten titles on Amazon, Kim has been using this technique for years to help her get over mental blocks in her own writing. She shared with us a speaker centered prompt she created specifically for speakers in mind and encouraged participants to complete the words using their own genre slant.

For those of you who were not at the meeting, this is what the prompt

PETRA COULD FEEL THE sweat trickling down the side of her cheeks, over her carefully applied blusher, and into the collar of her white satin shirt.
It had been three years since her disgrace at the Global Speakers’ Federation opening keynote address. If only she had declined that last shooter, but her monumental failure was all history now. Petra knew she was done with all that and had already completed the 12 steps in the recovery programme.

There was only one person left on her list of people to make amends with. Thabo, her sponsor, squeezed her hand as he stood with her in the wings. “You’ve got this,” he whispered. She squeezed back and after the MC announced her name, she stepped out into the lights and saw… This is the point where writers will continue their own story.
Even if you did not attend the last Mastermind, you can still use the prompt and share it with the group.

Speaking of what is next in the plot, this is what is next up in up in the Book Writers MasterMind.

Speaker: Jacques de Villiers
Date: 24 April 2023 6pm (GMT+2) Online
Topic: Paint by numbers. Planning and writing your remarkable book.
Jacques de Villiers is a writer. You have the right to remain silent.
Whatever you say will be put into a story.
Author: What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call
Ghostwriter and Editor: 33 books
Circa 1996: 12 million words written
Past National President of the PSASA
Recipient of Stef du Plessis Founder’s Award When Jacques is not writing or speaking, you’ll find him playing chess, studying military cultures, fawning over Carlos Castaneda and Carl Jung, drinking whiskey and playing chess.

We look forward to connecting with our writers at the next event.

Until then… happy writing.