Leverage LinkedIn To Get More Professional Speaking Engagements

Without an audience, our message will not have an impact. While some professionals have already discovered the power of LinkedIn, our guest speaker, Jacques de Villiers, broke many hearts when he highlighted that even if we crack the Social Selling Score formula on LinkedIn, that it is just not enough. But there was no time to drown our sorrow in the excellent wine for the evening. Not with the master “sales expert” hard on our heels.

Jacques’ entertaining, yet direct way of communicating his messages meant that none of us would be able to sulk our way through the event. His analogy that if we don’t take action within 30 days of connecting with someone on LinkedIn, then we fall in the FRIEND ZONE got quite a few chuckles from the audience, who may have had a few experiences of the friend zone in their dating lives.

But all jokes aside, Jacques gave us some specific tools we would use, from lead magnets to scripts on how he engages with his audience. It is easy to see why people call him the rainmaker. He challenges us to take action in the way that converts our contacts into paying customers.

This sales trainer and marketing guru took the time to research some of the guests’ profiles ahead of time and added screen shots to his presentation. This gave the guest ample opportunity to grab some inspiration from some examples. Those of us who have been procrastinating with changing our profiles were reminded that our current LinkedIn profiles are the first impression that prospects get of us. A few brave hearts took the time to book a session with the genius, Linda Magennis, who took a few amazing photos of the guests on the green screen. But besides the PR opportunity and the excellent snacks, we knew we were there to expand our reach, so after the break, it was back to business.






In the workshop, he challenged us to come up with our niche. We had the opportunity to jot down:

  • Who are we?
  • What is our niche?
  • What are our quirks ?
  • What kinds of clients want to work with us? 

Of course, some people who are reading this will have serious FOMO (fear of missing out), and ask for comprehensive notes, but sadly as the old expression goes, “You have to be in it, to win it.” So make sure you book for the next event, which will be on 17 August when Ntsiki Mkhize speaks to us about “How mentworking can help grow your speaker business.”

With all our events, we encourage our speakers to add their event to Speakerscore and this allows guests to give feedback on their talks and download a freebie that the speaker has added.

Here is what some of the delegates said on Speakercore:

“Thank you so much for effortlessly sharing very practical tools to help us better the way we do business and show up on Linkedin. “

Connect with Jacques on you got it…https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquesdevilliers/

See you at the next event.

Blog written by Kim Vermaak