How to niche yourself… again by Njideka Chika Orji

The June meeting of the virtual chapter was amazing and value- packed.

Our speakers were from India, Neerja Singh and Leon Lategan from South Africa. A beautiful characteristic of the virtual chapter is the ease at which we collaborate with people around the world to bring in new perspectives.

Neerja Singh, who proudly refers to herself as Seenager and Genbridger (both names she coined for herself because of her Niche), spoke on: “Niches make riches”.

 Her main points were:

  • Do not fear to niche
  • Know yourself, your audience, your objectives and what is a good talk or a bad talk.
  • Start off with your main topic then add the sub topics as sub niches. A niche does not mean that you must talk only on one thing.

The two main benefits of niches that stuck out for me are:

  • Clear niches help us serve others better as people will know exactly what to expect from us.
  • Once you Niche, you are ready to be referred, hired and consequently Niches make riches

Leon Lategan challenged our perception of what a niche is. The main points from his presentation titled “HOW TO NICHE …AGAIN”, were:

  • Narrow your Niche further.
  • Stretch your creativity, you can even coin names for your niches.
  • Value proposition is vital to convert people to clients.
  • Critical elements that make a powerful value proposition are Appeal, Exclusivity, clarity and credibility. The last two are compulsory elements. As a new member of PSASA, I am in awe of the extent the club goes to make each club meeting very informative. I am looking forward to the next meeting on the 12th of July 2022. See you there.


by Njideka Chika Orji