PSASA Celebrates a double win!

The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) is this week celebrating a double win, which not only recognises the abundant talent and strong leadership skills within the Association but firmly positions southern Africa as a global contributor to the speaking industry.

PSASA delivers business and career support for professional speakers, trainers, facilitators, coaches and related professionals, providing a network and collaboration between the various speaking and event associations to benefit their members. Their membership covers a wide range of specialities, including motivation, business skills, futurists, sales and marketing experts, parenting, financial, wellness and cybersecurity, amongst others. While PSASA is predominantly active in southern Africa, it also has members across the continent and in Europe.

The Association is a long-standing member of the Global Speakers Federation, a collective that connects, supports and advances the speaking community worldwide. There are currently over 17 associations represented on the GSF.

At the Federation’s Annual General Meeting in July, The GSF acknowledged two local PSASA members for their exceptional work to date. PSASA immediate past President Joni Peddie was awarded the President’s Award for service to the Global Speakers Federation for her contribution to the industry during the incredibly challenging 2020/2021 year, serving on the GSF Steering Committee.

Joni is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Strategic Facilitator and Behavioural Strategist with a specific interest in resilience and well-being. She is a long-standing and well-respected member of PSASA and headed up the Association for the past year, stepping down in June 2021 when incumbent Charlotte Kemp was elected PSASA President for this current 2021/2022 year’.

Charlotte is a Futurist, Author, Podcaster and keynote Speaker who has made an indelible mark on the speaking community. She served on the Executive Council of PSASA for 3 years before taking the leadership position in PSASA this year. Now, as a result of a vote across all 16 GSF-affiliated Associations, she is the first representative from PSASA and the first from Africa to be appointed to the role of Vice President of the Global Speakers Federation as well.

“I am utterly delighted and honoured to be elected to this role,” she says. ”I have already enjoyed the privilege of having a remarkable role model in Joni Peddie and know first-hand that her award is richly deserved. Now, I get to work with additional amazing people, such as John B. Molidor, Ph.D. Paul ter Wal LLM CSP, (outgoing PP), Martin Laschkolnig, and incoming GSF President, Steve Lowell, CSP, not to mention the wonderful Shari Bricks as well!”

Charlotte’s new role allows her to connect to new associations in different parts of the world and partner with them to the point where they can join the GSF as a member.

“For Joni and I to be acknowledged in this way is a triumph, both for us personally as well as for the Association and its representatives. I am excited to extend my work into this space, connecting speakers to associations and being able to support their speaking career paths, “ she adds. “It is a challenge that I can’t wait to get to grips with.”


Editor’s note. The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa supports speakers, trainers, coaches, facilitators and others in this profession by sharing expertise to optimise member’s businesses. PSASA also enjoys and maintains full membership accreditation to the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). PSASA’s region is across Southern Africa and their goal is specifically to engage with speakers of colour and women speakers.

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