State capture: Declaration of independence – A masterclass in humanity – by Nick Smit, THE REBEL NINJA

It was on this day that Max Moyo and Robin Pullen educated us on the importance and art of influence. It turns out that influence is more about empowering and understanding yourself and the result of that impact on those around you.

Max Moyo’s take on your ID (Irresistible Difference) placed great emphasis on the idea that we are all born with strengths and it is our life’s purpose to find and develop these so that they can influence the world. “Why fingerprints? Not to identify me. To remind me that there is a unique problem in the world that I am the solution to.”

As we “…step into ourselves” we become more authentic, closer to who we are meant to be. The secret to finding greatness is to embrace and truly become yourself. When we can lead ourselves on the path of positive personal development, we have the potential to become influential leaders; not through rank, title or by force but by becoming a person of unique value.

“Step out of the darkness and into the light” said Robin Pullen as he began his session. Thanks to Eskom this was both literal and metaphorical but the room shifted. We went from sitting at desks to sitting in a circle. With this fresh perspective came flowing discussion and tough self-reflection. “Do you know, you?” “How does your branding make you feel?” “Are they aligned?”

Robin’s focus was on the power of your head, heart and hand. How these can influence your state of being and thus influence every interaction you have. We embody our state in all our facets, and through conscious and subconscious means, communicate this to the world. When we intentionally choose our state and think through the desired purpose of that state, we become more powerful. When we think about how we want to feel and be, we can do the same for our audience.

As speakers, trainers and alike we all wish to have a positive influence on those we interact with. Thanks to Max and Robin it is now clear that we have the power to do this, we need just embrace and empower ourselves.

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