Leanne Hughes

How do you do that-with Leanne Hughes

Thursday morning the PSASA Johannesburg chapter eagerly joined Leanne Hughes, First time facilitator Podcast host, Professional member of PSA Australia, with her session: “How do you do that?”.

Leanne believes that boring workshops should be stamped out forever and we could see that from the moment she joined the room.

She made use of the chat bar, props, a whiteboard and even added a gamification wheel and interactive clock.

Leanne not only showed us how to do things, but also made us think. We brainstormed individually, as groups, and had interactive dancing led by Alex Granger;  Heidi Poulton showed us how to engage audiences with different hats, while Joni Peddi highlighted the use of stretches, exercise and stress balls in her sessions.

Leanne made us realise the value of contrast as well as having rational and experiential outcomes. She recommends that you brainstorm your ideas on a piece of paper. Ask yourself: what are they expecting and turn it on its head to do the unexpected:

  • How do you want them to feel?
  • What do you want the experience to be like?
  • What do you want them to walk away with?


Leanne says that she spends 60 %  of her time on designing the experience with only 40 % of her time on the content. What do you do?

Can you move away from simply starting with a  slide deck? Can you surprise them?

Leanne was a huge hit. She made us feel inspired, entertained and energised.

We came up with brilliant ideas as a group of online delegates through her facilitation.

To get the tools Leanne mentioned here is the link on her website: https://leannehughes.com/psa

Link to her podcast: https://www.firsttimefacilitator.com/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/firsttimefacilitator

Do please write her a review on LinkedIn if you feel so inclined😊



Yoke van Dam thanked Leanne and pointed out that she is aligned to PSASA’s values which are: Co-create amazing, collaboration and celebrating success.


Written by Yoke van Dam