Engage your inner superhero – by Yoke van Dam

Last week Thursday the PSASA Johannesburg members were entertained, inspired and engaged by Janet du Preez and Liezl Thom.

Here are some of Nikki Bush’s insights on Janet’s session:

How often does energy precede a speaker? Janet’s energy preceded her, something which is rare. She engaged us before she even stood up.

Engagement and facilitation have become part of keynoting so as much as we’ve had keynote speakers, and we’ve had facilitators and coaches, the pandemic has created a new sweet spot in between. As a keynoter, you need to do something that creates engagement in the room, otherwise, you might as well kiss your audience goodbye.

Janet created collaboration effortlessly. She was like an orchestra conductor, getting everyone on the same page at the same time in perfect synchronicity. We learned about balance, shift and release, expression and art. Janet helped us to express ourselves in an unanticipated way. Bringing that element of surprise is part of being a good facilitator. If people come into the room expecting something and get exactly what they expect, with no variation, I think we have actually only done half the job.

Janet intentionally made a connection with every single one of us in just 30 minutes. We couldn’t ignore her, and she had us all engaging, bonding and connecting, which is what we so need. She encouraged action and made it easy for us to take something practical away and go and do it, and that is the key to successful facilitation.

Bokang Kelepa did Liezl Thom’s vote of thanks, and here are some insights from his thank you.

Liezl Thom spoke on: Finding your inner superhero.

Liezl took us on a journey of uncovering our inner superheroes, she inspired us to realise that we were born to stand out. But that kindness and what is fair and just should always be carried out.

Liezl taught us to FLY, first love ourselves, starting with self-leadership.
And to do a SWOT analysis on ourselves, to see our habits and do a life audit.
What are your superpowers, but also your weaknesses? What trips you up, or acts as kryptonite, can you avoid those areas in your life?

“You can only love others to the extent of loving yourself. That is why it’s necessary to first understand your own superpowers.

We all have superpowers, while Liesl’s is stating the obvious, or noticing the cracks what are yours?

• Superheroes all went through traumas but came out stronger on the other side. What experiences, trials and tribulations have shaped you into the person that you are today?
• They also have alter-egos, this is the shoes we step into when we access those superpowers.
• Liezl showed us how to do power poses to increase your testosterone and lower your cortisol levels, which will allow us to step into our power.
• Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
• Kindness is at the top of every superhero.
• If a task or challenge is too hard for one superhero, they call on their friends. Who can you collaborate with, and what friends can you call on in business?

What is it going to take to release that superhero in you?

Thank you to Janet and Liezl for an engaging, inspiring and entertaining evening. We walked away with many tools ideas and heartfelt moments.

Written by Yoke van Dam