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What’s In A Name? Building A Powerful Brand – Natasha Barnes

What’s in a name? Creating a sustainable and powerful brand is critical in professional speaking. The KZN chapter was honoured to be joined by Natasha Barnes during our August chapter meeting, as she spoke under the title “You Are Your Name.” Natasha Barnes is a locally based, yet globally recognised contemporary artist. Natasha Barnes has been a self-taught artist from the age of 7. She is highly passionate about expressionism and using art as a medium to evoke deep and lasting emotion, as does speaking. Natasha has graced numerous international art fairs across the globe, group and solo exhibitions. She sells widely to corporate and private collections and produced artworks for Hollywood, television, greeting cards, the hospitality sector and airlines and many boardrooms. She has worked with clients ranging from Ikea, KPMG, Holiday Inn, American Airlines, DSTV, Investec, Marks & Spencer’s just to name a few. In her speech to members of the PSASA, Natasha expressed how she began as a chef, teaching inmates how to prepare meals. She uses this story and many others to illustrate how it is key to use that which resonates with you (natural abilities and strengths), to build and advance your brand. She has worked on her brand and encourages that a brand be recognisable and with a certain longevity that will outlive you and have clients sold on your offering. Natasha used art to inspire the speakers on the importance of a story that is well put together and brings value to clients across our networks and how a powerful brand continues to market and assist in the attainment of future work. Your name truly is everything!