PSASA Blueprint for the Future

Bruce Wade, our new President, unveiled the blueprint for the association’s next phase of member development and growth. This blueprint will form the base for all our chapter meetings, speaker classes and masterminds for the years to come.

The blueprint describes three core functions of the association. Starting from the middle: the four active membership categories surround the new logo and branding. The participation of our members will become critical to the success of our association and future member growth.

The second ring denotes the 10 Speaking Competencies that every professional speaker should be well educated in and master at most. These will become topical discussion and educational points for our Chapter meetings and be incorporated into the Speaker Class curriculums for the Learner and Launch classes. These are:
1. Product Niche
2. Personal Positioning
3. Speech Structure
4. Business Model
5. Speech Closure
6. Personal Influence
7. Vocal variety
8. Stage Craft
9. Audience Engagement
10. Technology

The outer ring described the six values that the association will use to frame our meetings and marketing. These values will also be used as Hashtags for posts and publications on all our social and web media articles.
1. Confidence
2. Competence
3. Courage
4. Community
5. Collaboration
6. Celebration

Because there is nothing that a confident, competent person filled with courage cannot do through a collaborative community with celebration.

As we all embrace this new blueprint and build our association around what it describes, we will begin to see both confidences in our own business and that of the PSASA grow. We look forward to the year ahead with enthused anticipation.