Neuro-science, Gavin Sharples

A neuroscience perspective on leadership, and ChInKing

A double header line-up at the Johannesburg Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa’s January meeting saw two interesting speakers share insights into their areas of expertise. A packed room at HB Connect in Sandton played host to presentations by Dr Melodie de Jager, founder of Mind Moves, and motivational speaker, and South African Speaker Hall of Fame inductee Gavin Sharples. De Jager was first up with a talk which gave a neuroscience perspective on leadership. Human programming is called neuroscience and due to neuroplasticity it can be pruned and expanded through reflection and moulding to acquire additional skills and dissolve stress. The interplay between genetics, life experiences, and choices was explored, and movement based self- management tools were revealed which can aid a person in unleashing their authentic personal power. Sharples was the second speaker, and he left the audience in stitches with his talk, which was so popular that it ran over time by forty minutes. He explained about change innovation and creativity, with the basic premise of his message being that ‘if you are not changing, innovating or creating, then you are dying’. He stressed the importance of ChInKing, a strategy that keeps you ahead  in life or that of your business over its competition. The next meeting of the Johannesburg chapter of the PSASA will take place on Thursday, 13 February 2020 at HB Connect in Sandton. For more details, email [email protected].