Virtual Chapter Meeting 13 July 2021

As an alpine climber, Rainer opened with an analogy between climbing, and facing the leadership challenge that Covid-19 and lockdown presented to all of us! Both climbing a sheer face of a mountain, and adapting to a virtual environment share many similarities.

As speakers, when lockdown became our new reality, we all blindly jumped into the world of virtual speaking, not really knowing what we were doing. For many of us it was a daunting transition, that many of us are still coming to terms with.

During the meeting of the PSASA Virtual & Hybrid Speakers Mastermind held on the 13th July 2021, Rainer focused upon the technical aspects of speaking virtually, by providing 10 Tech-Commandments for virtual speaking. These 10 Tech-Commandments are:

Jumping into the world of virtual speaking can be a daunting proposition, as there are so many technologies to contend with. The PSASA Virtual & Hybrid Speakers Mastermind provides support and guidance to members and non-members who want to take their virtual speaking to the next level. Join this mastermind by visiting

1) You shall establish a tech mastermind group – explore what available with other speakers and learn how to apply technology.
2) You shall keep the tech priorities always in mind – focus upon quality audio, lighting and camera.
3) You shall maintain eye-level – look at the audience by positioning your camera in the middle of your screen/ external monitor. This way you can look directly into the camera and still look at your slides.
4) You shall not cause any eye-pain to your clients – revise your presentation by selecting backgrounds that engage the audience.
5) You shall re-humanise digital communication – make use of video as a form of communication with clients.
6) You shall use low-tech creatively – use physical props during the presentation to generate engagement.
7) Use different virtual platforms for different purposes for the same client – there are many different platforms for online communication. Explore what is out there and experiment.
8) You shall work with pro’s & pay them accordingly to push the limits with you together – invest in your virtual speaking development by enlisting the help of professionals and push your limits.
9) You shall keep your set-up’s simple, robust and flexible – Technology can be complicated. Simplify your setup as much as you can and be prepared for technology to fail.
10) You shall have a “Beach version” of your service – have an everywhere version your setup, that can be used anywhere.

Jonathan Leeming