Questions to focus the building of your Speaker-business

I didn’t count the questions thrown at those of us attending the Virtual Chapter last night by our Guest Speaker but there were certainly a lot of them!
Over 50 people who attended the PSASA Virtual Chapter meeting had their pens and pads out to take down challenging and thought-provoking pointers from Monique Blokzyl from Germany who asked the overall question ‘How can You Boost your Visibility and Build your Speaker Business in the Year Ahead?’
Monique is a seasoned Speaker in the European market and held our interest as she unpacked the importance of asking ourselves the right questions if we are to be seriously focused on what it takes to know where we are going as Speakers and how we are going to get there, particularly in these demanding times calling for focus and openness to change.
How ambitious are your goals for this year? Have you written those goals down? Where are you now and do you know where you are headed? Do you have a roadmap with clear directions and landmarks? Do you know what you expect to be paid (MRT -Minimum Revenue Target) and, maybe more importantly, what you’re aiming for (ARG – Advanced Revenue Goal)?
Monique talked of the 3 levels required of us all to take on the challenge of increased visibility for 2021:

  1. Reaching out to others – through networking opportunities, talking to friends and family, speaking opportunities of every kind, connecting with other speakers and so on. Reach out to at least 2 people every day was her challenge.
  2. Get people to come to you – through using social media to help you get seen and heard. Show yourself onstage or online, building a YouTube presence and positioning yourself as an expert.
  3. Expand your avenues of marketing and exposure – through multiplying your content into E-book or audio from video shoots or podcasts or articles or blogs.
    Once again, the PSASA Virtual Chapter provided much food for thought and gave all who attended plenty of information, ideas and thoughts to add to the creation and development of their own personal Visibility Project.

Chris Voysey