Positioning the PSASA and Virtual Chapter activities for 2022/2023 Chaired by Rowan van Dyk

The first Virtual Chapter under new leadership of Johanita (Joh) Serfontein took place last week and we had 25 attendees from Germany, India, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Namibia, Kenya and off course South Africa. It was a great start to this Season and an opportunity to further Collaborative Partnerships within Professional Speaker Associations.

The topic for the breakout room was: How do you see yourself positioned as a speaker in the next 6 months? My group discussed how we spend time upgrading what we do, finishing books and improving our speaking skills.

It was then over to Bruce Wade – newly elected President of Professional Speaker Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) to present the new PSASA Blueprint as launched at our Annual Convention 10 April 2022 in Irene,.

Levels of memberships

  • Professional – Speaking professionals.
  • Associate – Future professional speakers.
  • Affiliate – members who speak as part of their job, but do not to make a living from speaking.
  • Student – High school to early career makers who want to develop their speaking skills. (this is an exciting new category and we are keen to see the inclusion of young speakers to our Association)

The blueprint also included 10 speaking competencies: niche, positioning, structure, model, closure, influence, vocal, stage craft, engagement, technology. The levels of memberships and speaking competencies are encapsulated by #Confidence, #Competence, #Courage, #Celebration, #Collaboration and #Community.

Johanita (Joh) Serfontein – newly elected President: Virtual Chapter 2022/2023 – then presented the vision and positioning for the Virtual Chapter. The virtual chapter is for any speaker who cannot get to a meeting. It also serves to connect speakers from around the world. The topics for the virtual meetings for the year were presented and dates confirmed as the 2nd Tuesday of the month. This year the virtual chapter will focus on building stronger collaborative partnerships with Global Professional Speaker Associations and welcome Dual Membership and Association. For more information contact [email protected]; to book for these events please visit the website https://www.psasouthernafrica.co.za/chapters/virtual/.

Bruce Wade then presented, How to position yourself as a professional speaker through 3 areas

1) Position yourself through:
•Information – Presenting unique and original content (Experts are self proclaimed, authority is bestowed upon you).
•Affirmation – Create rapport with clients, audience and event organisers.
•Confirmation – Confirming that you are the authority through knowing your stuff!
•Application – How your ideas can be applied practically, and in the real world.

2) Build a functional and sustainable business model through 3 types of products:
•Coupon products – Content you give away for free.
•Capture products – Content that makes them want more.
•Core Product – Content that constitutes your main money making activities.

3) Activities that affirm your presence:
•Promote – Promote ourselves and what we do (Unashamedly).
•Profess – Tell people what you do.
•Produce – Create products, contents, brochures, flyers, blogs.

The next meeting of the PSASA Virtual Chapter will be held on the 10th May,The details will be confirmed nearer the time.


Kind regards

Jonathan Leeming
Guest Contributor for the month