From Swakopmund, Namibia #ComeHome

Namibia, land of the BRAVE!

The slogan for my country is; “Namibia, land of the BRAVE!” With a small population of 2.5 million, you can imagine the limited opportunities to grow yourself as a speaker. Yes, you really have to be BRAVE to retire here from years of training leaders and being a conference speaker for an organisation. I live between one of the oldest deserts in the world on one side and the cool Atlantic Ocean on the other side, while blanketed in mist… How on earth can you ever think of gaining the knowledge to do what you are passionate about and now for your own gain, to be a relevant impactful orator? Hello PSASA Virtual Chapter, connecting us with likeminded people. Presenting training that is relevant, succinct and forward-thinking. I arrived, a half-retired granny, at the start of 2019 and through all the many interactions, I have been identified, groomed, branded, authored and booked. Enter who? Granny Be007, a creative, innovative, tech-savvy futurist baby boomer. That does what? Inspires ACTION… well with a 007 twist. PSASA with its Virtual chapter, Masterminds etc. presents such a caring, supportive, butt-kicking and simply just amazing team that has been a valuable part of my transformational journey, for which I am very grateful and appreciative. VIVA VIRTUAL! Granny Be007