Our Virtual Chapter meeting on the 11th May had us warming up by pondering and discussing in our breakout rooms two profound questions:
“My extract would look like …….”
“My essence would look like that ……….”
Who would have thought what interesting answers and discussions this would provoke.
Our fabulous president Ian Hatton, known as “Morpheus “or Mor For Us then shared insights into our Essence
He used the most amazing imagery to support his messages and dug deep into a very thought-provoking journey of who we really are. At our very core.

He explained that ESSENCE IS DEEP… Very Deep, it is in
Your Unique wiring,
Your unique growth,
Your unique personality,
Your unique body and physical senses
And even deeper into your unique spirit and soul and heart
As speakers we bring something unique to the world
It’s our Passion purpose and life that’s outflow of your essence
We realised that speakers are not accountants rating a 15/10 for being tired of trying to appeal to everyone
So, it was fabulous to hear that you are not for everyone, and that’s OK

You will attract those kind of people like you
And you will repel people you don’t want to work with
So you do not have to appeal to everyone
Your true essence must be visible in your messages, speaking , actions ,products, social media etc .. EVERYWHERE
And to sum it all up “Live and Influence from your truest self”