Don’t tell stories

We had the privilege of having Antoni Lacinai speak to us at our PSASA Virtual Chapter on 10 August 2021. 

I have listened to people talk and share their stories and I am always amazed and wowed yet feel I need to get my creative mojo on and start doing the same – but HOW?  Well, I didn’t have to wait long – Antoni (the Swedish Bronze medallist in storytelling) had my full attention and like a sponge I just soaked up every bit of information he shared. He had me hooked (together with everyone else who attended)!

Antoni put it simply – anyone can tell a story BUT the key is how you tell that story. Our ultimate goal as speakers is to facilitate change and in order to do that our stories need have memorable content and emotions. (Now I really have to dig deep to think of stories I can tell).

Content is good and well, but with a hint of emotion it is a good recipe for a successful and memorable talk.

So how do we do that?  According to Antoni –

  • Be in the story – Be the story – Colour the story
  • Get people to experience your story by adding flavour to it (like a movie inside their heads). By doing this you not only reach out to them, but you reach INTO them as well.

Well, he had me up to this point, but hang on, here are a few more pointers he shared:

  • If you have dialogue in your story, be the two people in that dialogue.  It makes for a more energetic experience for your audience (and you).
  • Story telling is THE best way of reaching into someone rather than just reaching out to an audience.
  • If you want your audience to be emotionally invested in what you have to say, YOU need to be emotionally invested as well.
  • A story without relevance or facts is just entertainment – facts without a story can be pretty boring – but, a story with both relevance and facts is just MAGIC.

If what I have mentioned above has got you thinking – even hooked – and if you missed this event – don’t worry, we thought about that.  You can now get the full talk here

Michele Thwaits

Empowered 4 Success