24 hours, 24 speakers, 24 topics – the PSASA Mid Term Conference 2021

What an epic event featuring speakers and MCs from around the world, hosted by the PSASA Virtual Chapter.

From start to finish, the speakers held their audience captive with their talks, their energy, their insights, their tips on building and improving your speaking business by telling your story, boosting your brain with restorative sleep, and discovering the source of your creative inspiration.

Most importantly reminding us to have some fun by engaging our audiences with interesting ice breakers and remembering to engage our audiences with humour and of course not forgetting to make sure our voices are warmed up and exercised so we don’t end up with a croaky, tired voice or no voice at all.

We were reminded on how to change, adapt, and structure our virtual presentations, making sure that we bounce back from a traumatic event or circumstance – finding our inner resilience, also redesigning our business outlook and basic fundamentals of having a Blueprint…

For those interested, and we all were, we were guided on how to actually land a TEDx talk and encouraged to self-assess our world-class score and be the world-class speaker that we are.

We learned how to play with time and energy, tapping into our audience’s minds and most importantly, discovering our uniqueness, accepting, and loving who we are – finding our authenticity – learning to position ourselves, our product, our service and delivering value where others deliver very little.

A simple illustration on setting up your virtual studio at low cost, getting to know the psychology of exceptional speaking and after all the tips, ideas, suggestions, reminders, refreshers we all looked at the next 24 hours of our speaking career and what we were going to take from all the information shared over the 24 hours.

Our eight MCs were dynamic, engaging, enthralling, and kept it all together for the speakers and the audience.

A brilliant platform, bringing world-class speakers from around the globe together, in one place, getting to know one another, listening to one another, supporting one another, and learning from one another – new and old connections all round.

2022? I think this successful conference is the start of something new, don’t you agree?