Claudio Chiste

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Claudio Chiste
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MSc, B.Comm, B.MilProfessional
Claudio Chiste is a people specialist, passionate about helping organisations, leaders and everyone to live an Ownership-driven life.
Claudio’s unique model of Ownership-driven Leadership has a three-prong approach, which starts with Ownership of who you (raising self-awareness, embracing all your parts, building resilience), Ownership of the mission (which is typically the focus on most leadership models) and Ownership of the result (building a no blame culture).

Claudio is the CEO of the Centre for Leadership & Coaching and Chairman of Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (Comensa). For the past two decades Claudio has worked with people around the world, from corporates, the military and sports teams, on how build resilience, and in turn how to build cohesiveness and lead organisations.

He is the published author of the award-winning book, ‘Rise of the Warrior Leader’, a project which took six years to complete. It is more than a book, but a HOW TO manual on how to be a better leader. This was formally recognised winning first place awards in numerous international book festivals. He has lectured at Plymouth University, University of London, London Metropolitan University, Shanghai Maritime University, University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University.

His varied background enables a multi angled approach, with a background as a Combat officer in the Navy, professional yachtsman and as a specialist banker in London. Claudio is able to connect with the prevailing context to relevantly craft his Ownership message to build high performance for the long term.
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Cape Chapter
MSc, B.Comm, B.Mil
Building resilient business – leadership, organisational culture, Ownership, mental toughness, strategy.

• Inspiring Ownership-driven Leadership – Empowering people to take Ownership whilst ensuring psychological safety
• Mental Toughness of a Warrior – building mental resilience and developing self-leadership
• Building a cohesive no blame culture for high performance

Keynote talks, interactive conference sessions, learning facilitation processes (design & delivery), training interventions (design & delivery), coaching, mentoring, consulting

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