Getting Started in Your Professional Speaking Business

The Jo’burg Chapter meeting took place on 23 May 2024 at the Excellerate Head Office in Hyde Park. Guest speakers Lee Roebeck and Paul Du Toit provided some valuable insights on getting started in your professional speaking business.

Lee Roebeck delivered an inspiring presentation on the importance of setting and achieving goals in your professional speaking business. Lee drew on mentor, Bob Proctor’s goal-setting philosophy. He shared his personal journey and introduced the concept of a “Goal Card.” He explained how writing down goals and regularly reviewing them can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving them.

Key Points:

  • Goal Card: Lee advocates for writing down goals on a card and carrying it with you. Regularly reviewing this card keeps the goals at the forefront of your mind, influencing your thoughts and actions towards achieving them.

Types of Goals:

A-Type Goals: These are goals that you already know how to achieve. They don’t stretch you and are more about maintenance than growth.
B-Type Goals: These are goals that you think you can achieve but haven’t done before. They require planning and effort but are within your perceived capabilities.
C-Type Goals: These are your true desires, the big dreams that excite you. These goals are beyond your current capabilities and comfort zone, and you don’t know exactly how to achieve them. They require significant growth and transformation.

  • Mindset and Visualisation: Lee emphasised the power of visualisation and maintaining a positive mindset. By consistently visualising your goals, you align your subconscious mind to recognise opportunities and take actions that lead to the achievement of those goals.
  • Overcoming Fear: He discusses the psychological process of fear and how it can act as a barrier to achieving goals. By understanding and confronting these fears, you can break through them and move towards your goals with confidence.

Lee elaborated on the psychological aspects of goal setting, describing the “Stickperson” diagram to illustrate how the conscious and subconscious minds interact, and how fear can be overcome to achieve freedom and success.

Guest Speaker – Paul du Toit, an acclaimed professional speaker, executive coach, and author discussed the practicalities of running a professional speaking business. Paul is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the author of several books, including “You Can Present with Confidence.” He emphasised the importance of having legal contracts and clear payment terms to ensure smooth and professional engagements.

Key Points:

  • Legal Contracts: Paul stressed the necessity of having well-drafted legal contracts for every speaking engagement. These contracts should outline the scope of work, responsibilities of both parties, and specific conditions – such as cancellation terms. Clear contracts help protect the interests of the speaker and provide a reference point in case of any disputes.
  • Clear Payment Terms: He highlighted the importance of defining payment terms in the contract. This includes the amount to be paid, payment schedule, and method of payment. Paul advised offering terms that ensure a portion (if not all) of the fee is paid upfront, with the remainder due upon completion of the engagement. This practice helps manage cash flow and reduces the risk of non-payment.
  • Professionalism: Maintaining a high level of professionalism in all dealings is crucial. Clear contracts and payment terms contribute to a professional image and build trust with clients. Notwithstanding, Paul made it clear that speakers should not be afraid of holding clients to the contract terms.

PSASA Joburg Chapter 2024/5 Planning
The session included discussions on the strategic planning for the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter for the upcoming year. This included requests for members to join the Chapter Exco. Members are encouraged to join the Chapter WhtsApp group in order to stay up to date with Chapter news.

In an unfortunate incident, one our most loved and dedicated Chapter members, Lorraine Jenks, tripped and fell, resulting serious injuries that required hospitalisation and subsequent surgery. The members present, rallied around Lorraine to keep her comfortable until the paramedics where able to stabilise her for transport. Nikki Bush accompanied her to hospital and kept everyone updated on progress. Lorraine has since had the surgery and is recovering well. Our heartfelt wishes for a speedy and full recovery go out to Lorraine. We thank everyone who has taken the time to visit with Lorraine during her hospital stay.