Verity Price wins the World Championships of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International

The PSASA is overjoyed to announce that Verity Price walked away as the reigning champion of the World Championships of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International.

To Verity, a week ago Charlotte Kemp said to me: “We have some of the best speakers in the world in Africa and Southern Africa. And my mission as the new President of PSASA is to export more of our own speakers rather than importing speakers from South America or Europe.”

You have proven to the rest of the world-that we do have the best in our own country. PSASA is very proud of your achievement, but also your resilience, your stagecraft and your incredible, humble way of connecting to the audience over a screen. May you touch many lives and inspire many other speakers to rewrite their own stories.

You are a very deserving World Champion, well done on being the first African in the last 80 years to win the World Champs and 1 in 5 female’s that won the world champs.

I asked my good friend Andrew Tsuro, who is also a DTM, Program Quality director of Toastmasters International for his thoughts:

“Verity has exceeded expectations by bringing the World Champion title to Africa for the first time in the whole history of the competition. We as the Southern Africa Toastmasters community are immensely proud of her and grateful to her for dedicating herself to put us on the map. She has consciously let her light shine and allowed us to do the same by writing a good read for us to learn from.”

In case you missed out on the Semi-finals and finals here are her two speeches:


Yoke van Dam

PSASA Johannesburg chapter, DTM