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16 Apr 2021

Joni Peddie

Joni Peddie
South Africa
Joni Peddie

Joni Peddie is a Behavioural Strategist and CEO of her own business “Resilient People”.

Joni is an expert of and focusses her work in the field of Mental and Emotional Resilience as well as Health & Wellbeing in the workplace. The people that she deals with are generally stress-rich, time-poor and suffer decision-fatigue. Joni’s first book is called “The FAB Quotient: Experience Resilience and Fight Fatigue.” She currently writing her second book called “Five Practical ways to BOOST your Mood, Immunity and Resilience.”

Joni speaks at conferences and facilitates team meetings on various topics. She also has 5 Comrades Ultra Marathons (of 90 km!!!!!) under her belt…