24in24 Midterm 2021 Convention

PSASA Mid Term Convention 2021

PSA Southern Africa is hosting our annual Mid-Term convention on 22nd October 2021. This event is going to be a little different to others in both format and content.


The convention will run for a full 24 hours from 18:00 CAT Friday to 18:00 CAT Saturday with 24 different talks on 24 different topics, each starting at the top of the hour. As we travel around the globe in a world first collaboration event, we will hear from industry and subject experts on speaking related topics designed to boost your speaking business.

The topics have been drawn for the published 10 Speaking Traits together with additional networking and motivation sessions.

SPEAKERS INCLUDE Bruce Wade, Joni Peddi, Michael Lee, Victoria Holtz, Chris Voysey, Jessica Breitenfield, Jon Yeo, Elias Kanaris, Vin Kishz, Johanna Morillon, Vikas Jain, Ayesha Bibha, Nashid Ali, Landi Jac, Mike Handcock, Carol Bauser, Neerja Singh, Ian Gibbs, Paul ter Wal, Johanna Nilsson, Eksteen de Waal, Paul du Toit, Charlotte Kemp

All registered participants will receive an edited eBook with a summary of each speaker, their content and participants comments.