For the love of speaking

For the love of speaking

This February month of love, the KZN chapter decided to host a special type of meeting in honour of our love for speaking. We hosted the speaker factor competition, the people who participated where Ms Maggie Naidoo, Mr Phakama Gumbi also known as “PK” as well as Ms Kantha Garreeb. Our participants where tasked with the responsibility of doing a 5-minute talk, and they spoke of the following:


  • Maggie Naidoo:


Maggie’s passion and goal in life is to contribute to the lives of many, through healing and technology. She is an experienced master practitioner of NLP, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, life, and health coach as well as a senior nurse manager within the private sector.


Some of the key take aways from Maggie’s talk include:


Trauma is very stigmatised and because of this, people are often very sceptical to seek the help they require from their past traumas. These issues however from previous traumas, can have long term effects if they are not treated and can cause depression.


Maggie has managed to turn her trails into triumphs, and that is the main reason she decided to become a motivational speaker. Maggie wants to become a healer, therapy helps people to deal with all their baggage, and her practice has helped people to achieve this. Maggie was molested at the age of 4 and has made it her life’s mission to fight back and rise above all she has been through.


  • Phakama Gumbi (P.K)


PK was an athlete at school, and he went to Glenwood, he then went on to study Marketing and currently owns 4 businesses. His passion in life is to be able to provide employment for others and wants to make the world a better place.


Some key take aways from PKs talk include:


He is a strong believer in employment and is deeply passionate about investing in the youth. He feels the employment issue in our country is not because jobs are not available but because a lot of the time, they require previous experience of at least 3 years. This is tricky because you find people sitting in entry level positions for over 10 years, and this is the trauma of a university student.


Pk is committed to employing people who do not have matric, for a contract of no longer than 3 years and assists them to better themselves. He does not want to keep people forever; he just wants to empower and push his employees to strive for better. He believes it’s the responsibility of the older generations to encourage the younger generations to start their own businesses and build their own equity.


  • Kantha Gareeb


Dr Gareeb is a health care practitioner specialising as an Anaesthetist, in Umhlanga rocks, she has a change traditional background degree in dentistry and Medicine. She has chosen to rise above her issues, and she wrote and published a new book.


Some key take aways from Dr Gareebs talk include:


Changing your mind is never easy, even about basic things in our lives. This is what makes humans advanced in the evolution, we are the weakest of all creatures, but we have become the most powerful creatures. Humans can embrace everything from the fourth industrial evolution, and advances in technology, we can even have zoom meetings.


We are driven by brain plasticity; the quality of your brain can be changed by your mind set. When you tell yourself with conviction and push yourself and change your mind you can change your reality.



After a long deliberation of the judges, they decided the winners where, Maggie and Kantha. A very well done to all the participants, your hard work and dedication really came through. We wish you the best of luck in all your speaking endeavours.