Zoom Videos for Speakers

//Zoom Videos for Speakers

Zoom Videos for Speakers

As we all move online during our time of lock down, now is the second best time to learn some online skills. Don’t worry, while the best time was a year ago, Bruce Wade has distilled a huge amount of experience and techniques about online presenting, and particularly using the Zoom platform, to help speakers to use this tool the best way possible.
Keep an eye on this list of videos created for PSASA and our speaking community and learn how to raise your online skills.

01 Introduction https://youtu.be/Xi4WjNrAC20

02 Getting started https://youtu.be/Ie5flin-ZEU

03 Uses for Zoom https://youtu.be/F1N11_4l4u8

04 Setting up an account https://youtu.be/r2Tc9o1ilHs

05 Green screen https://youtu.be/aF4v_bkonw8

06 Managing an online Zoom session as MC: https://youtu.be/cuKxnegN3RE

Zoom for Speakers
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