How to Write A Book In 90 Days with The Book Midwife

//How to Write A Book In 90 Days with The Book Midwife

How to Write A Book In 90 Days with The Book Midwife

MindyAre you tired of seeing other speakers books on the shelves and not yours?
Are you frustrated that it has taken you so long to produce a book?
Are you irritated that you are not getting the recognition you deserve?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you should seriously consider attending a 2-day retreat in Cape Town with The Book Midwife, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, MBA, FPSA.
Mindy is a PSAUK member and has helped more than 500 new authors write their first book.
Mindy will be running an exclusive, intimate book writing retreat on 19 – 20 September in Cape Town.  And this exceptional program continues with 12 weekly webinars so you can compete the entire book with the best guidance and support.  If you plug into this program, you are guaranteed to get your book done in 90 days.
To find out more about the 90-day book writing program, and to book, go to 
If you sign up and pay before 31st July 2014, you can participate for only R11 995 (full price will be R13 995). Please note, Rand prices are approximate.  In addition, the first 6 PSASA members to register will receive an exclusive 30-minute private coaching session with Mindy.
Check it out and register for the book writing program now click here.

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