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Welcome Home!

We are very happy to welcome you into the family of members and associates at PSASA. We trust that your membership proves to be fruitful.

You may be familiar with what we have to offer you already, but here is a summary to remind you:


There are 5 chapters of PSASA. You will belong to one of them, and if it is not a physcial chapter, or if you are outside of South Africa, then you may belong to the Virtual Chapter. All members and assoicates of PSASA may visit any chapter, without paying additional fees, so if you travel, please keep an eye out for the events in other places and contact the relevant chapter for more details or to book so that they can cater for you.

Chapter information can be found here.


PSASA hosts a number of masterminds that are valuable to join to focus on different parts of your work. Please look at the mastermind page and contact the relevant champion to find out more. You are welcome to join them (at no fee) or to start one of your own.

Conventions and Workshops

PSASA hosts two conventions a year: the main one (with international guests, a gala dinner and awards) is normally around April and then there is a mid-term, local, toolkit-type event in October of each year. These events are incredibly valuable if you are trying to build an international career, or broaden your learning and networking opportunities.

Other workshops are held from time to time, so keep an eye on the newsletter and social pages for that information. Look under the Events tab on the main menu.


If you haven’t already, please follow the PSASA Facebook Page for news, and join the community group for conversation and updates.

Professional Membership Benefits

Your membership is a Professional Member. Besides the use of the logo and brand, you are eligible to apply for the CSP (Certified Professional Speaker) designation and may one day be eligible for certain PSASA awards.

You will also have an entry on eSpeakers (one of the benefits of PSASA’s membership with the Global Speakers Federation) and will have a page on the PSASA website as well.

Use of Brand and Logo

Professional Members get to use the PSASA logo on their marketing materials and get to say that they are Members of PSASA. You are also encouraged to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your membership of PSASA (under Experience on LinkedIn.)

Contact Details

Should you have any questions, please be in touch with your Chapter leadership. Alternatively, specific questions can be addressed to the following:




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