By Douglas Kruger, member of the Gauteng Chapter

Ed: I picked up this pertinent message from Douglas Kruger’s weekly column from Amateur to Expert and thought it very applicable to speakers. Good food for thought as you do your goal setting for 2017.

In his excellent book, ‘On Writing,’ Stephen King talks about the astonishing number of novels he reads (at least three per week) at the same time as churning out over 2,000 words of his own writing each day, every day, including weekends, Christmas and his birthday.

He explains that when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, and goes on to tell a story about his son.

King’s son wanted to learn to play the saxophone, so King and his wife bought the instrument and arranged lessons for the boy. After six months, they asked whether he wanted to quit, to the adolescent’s great relief. Even though he was still practicing as often as was required, he never practiced after the required time. He never got lost in the process, or ‘blissed out and surprised himself,’ King explains. There was no love there.

Do you still love what you do? Enough to play with it, to bliss out on it? Enough to practice it and dream about it even when no one requires you to do so? Do you still do the dance, and revel in the the movement, behind closed doors, on your own?

When it comes from passion, it feels like play. When you’re playing, you’ll read those three books a week, and churn out those words, regardless. When you love what you do, the hours disappear, the imagination ignites, and you unearth strange and beautiful new ways. When you love what you do, you are ideally positioned, heart and mind, to become the greatest in your game.