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16 Apr 2021

Manifesting Your NEXT

Alison Weihe
South Africa
Manifesting Your NEXT

Alison is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and a Story-teller. She talks about her embodied experiences, weaving in her extensive understanding of Neuroscience & what drives human behaviour.

She shares her journey, on stage and in her writing, so that you can be inspired. So that you can step into the light of who you were truly meant to be.

Alison has been a Sociologist, a Political Activist, a Journalist, a Change Management Consultant and an Entrepreneur for 23 years, building up a company from a field in Amalgam, Johannesburg to an award-winning company featuring in Entrepreneurial magazines, on Radio and on Television.

She is a Curious Explorer of "Conscious Entrepreneurship" and what she calls "Identity Intelligence".

She is passionate about speaking about her lessons of Entrepreneurship so that others can be inspired by her Passion & her Journey. So that together we can build a world of meaning where people matter & profits follow.