Roger KnowlesA veteran of 35 years of conflict…as an attorney, Roger has been involved in every kind of conflict. He has represented politicians, business people,criminals, divorcees, communities, schools, individuals, and organisations of every type;  he has appeared in courts at every level. He has done the work of an advocate and fought battles – but he is well known as a peacemaker and an advocate of collaboration.

As a professional speaker, Roger is the 2014/ 2015 National President of The Professional Speaker Association of Southern Africa and he has graced the platforms in hundreds of  venues throughout Southern Africa and on cruise ships, delivering talks, workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics;  his enthusiasm, eloquence and humour have enthralled audiences of every age, persuasion and occupation.  He is a story-teller supreme.He has a gift with language. He has the ability to simplify complex principles and to take his audiences in a flash from the chill of drama to the relief of laughter…..

“I enjoy telling stories, transferring lessons I have gleaned from 35 years in the legal profession. I mix humor with the serious content. My aim is to entertain and inspire my audiences.”

Program Information


This presentation is a review of the nature, role and development of mediation in South Africa.  The process of mediation and its application to specific types of conflict is explained with the appropriate stories and examples.  The talk can be fully customised for different audiences, including :-

  • Management
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Employees at any level
  • Mixed audiences
  • Associations, professions and other groups
  • School awards gatherings
  • Community meetings


When we collaborate, we attain far more than victory – we overcome conflict itself. The rich harvest includes higher productivity, happier couples, teams and communities.
This enthralling presentation briefly tracks the history of armed conflict and examines the very nature of interpersonal conflict. After explaining the likely course of perpetual tension between individuals and highlighting specific situations of conflict with pertinent stories, Roger explains how we can achieve collaboration. He outlines the nature and role of mediation in achieving this goal, laced with humour; this stimulating keynote is designed for all audiences.
A limited degree of appropriate customisation is effected.

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