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  • President’s Report
  • Who is Dr Mark Manley?
  • Shorts (for those with ADD)
  • Robin Pullen on Dr Alan Black
  • Birthdays in November (14 of them)

President’s Report

As you have no doubt read Morongwa Makalane (Our Pretoria Chapter President) was in a serious accident in Pietersburg on 24 October. She is currently hospitalised at De Wilgers in Pretoria East. She is out of ICU and in High Care. Tragically, Ayanda Nomaswazi, also from the Pretoria chapter was traveling with her and died in the accident due to her injuries. Our deepest condolences to the family and our thoughts are with all of you. This is a very sad month for the PSASA.
Also, it is a tragic reminder that our roads are dangerous and as speakers constantly travelling, please be vigilant out there – remember, you may be a safe driver, but it’s the other drivers out there you need to watch.
It has been a hectic month in the PSASA with Nikki leaving and Simoné taking over, plus a President’s Council meeting to smooth over the transition. The entire President’s Council needs to be applauded for the huge amount of time and dedication that has gone into the changes behind the scenes in the PSASA. For many of you this may not sound relevant to your needs, but I need to stress that all of us are doing this for the love of the industry with no remuneration, and it has at times literally become a full time job. I am proud to say that we have made great headway and that through the dedication of the entire team the PSASA is moving in a new positive direction with new energy.
Thanks to Adolph Kaestner, we now have the first draft of a complete Policies & Procedures document for the PSASA.
I would also like to officially welcome Simoné Scholtz as our new administrator as well as Pat Carson as our book keeper.
The 2012 Convention, Vocal is Lekker is well on its way to being finalised and the advert is on the home page. Make sure you take advantage of the early-bird bookings as this is going to be an awesome conference at the Elangeni in Durban. Claire Newton and her Durban chapter committee are doing a sterling job putting this event together and it is going to rock. So diarise 27-29 April 2012 and make your booking.
The National Speakers Association of Australia and kindly given us their Speakers Training Academy material for use in South Africa. This is a huge gesture and I ask you to support the NSAA where you can and even try to attend their national convention. We have now started the training in Cape Town and opened it to all members with sessions an hour before normal chapter meetings. I believe Durban also wants to try it. So again, thank you NSAA!
Where has the year gone? Six weeks to Christmas! I trust your year has been productive and that you are now slowly preparing for a quiet festive season to recharge your batteries. From myself and the entire President’s Council, we wish you all a stunning November and we wish Morongwa a speedy recovery.
Warmest wishes
Who is Dr Mark Manley?

Hopefully, all of you know that he’s our National Vice President who will be taking over from Wolfgang Riebe in May 2012.
Here’s (some of) his story.
Dr Mark Manley is based in the beautiful Midlands region of South Africa and has a background in the media, politics, business and ministry.
He has hosted many different music, magazine, talk and live programmes on national radio and TV. These include magazine, music, talk and news  shows on Capital Radio, SAFM and various independent stations; magazine, documentary programmes and live event presentations on SABC 1, 2, and 3.
Getting involved in the struggle for democracy as a student (SRC president at the University of Natal) Mark was involved in transitional politics and was mayor of Randburg during the transitional phase in the early nineties. (He was the youngest person to hold such a position in a major town in SA.)  He was also national coordinator of communications for the National Peace Secretariat during South Africa’s transition to Democracy facilitating resolution of many adversarial situations, a skill highly valued in current business practice.
His ministry involvement includes a number of leadership positions and Coordinating the South African Christian Leadership Assembly, one of the most widely representative gatherings of its kind in world history.

  1. Paul du Toit, CSP, has an article published in the October 2011 SPEAKER magazine: Address Their Problem With Your Value Proposition. This is a pretty big deal as not many South African speakers get published in SPEAKER. Ask Paul for a copy of his article, it is well worth reading.
  2. Access a virtual library of recorded educational sessions captured live from past NSA conferences, webinars and teleseminars here.
  3. You may have noticed that itty bitty little GSF logo on the right hand of the microphone on this newsletter’s letterhead. Did you know that as a member of PSASA you are automatically a member of The Global Speakers Federation (GSF)? Why don’t you go and put your profile up on the GSF website now.
  4. The GSF distributes a newsletter every second week. The latest one has global speaking news – what’s happening; tips on speaking and travel; fellow speakers in action; calendar of events; speaking and travel humour and the GSF organisation, who is doing what. If you would like your copy, send an email to and I’ll send you one. Jacques
  5. Johannesburg Chapter Meeting – 8 November, Wanderers Club, Illovo. The Business of Speaking – Stef du Plessis, CSP. Find out more here.
  6. Pretoria Chapter Meeting – 17 November, Kareeblom Guest House. Master the Art of Networking – Helen Nicholson. We will send out a reminder with full details next week.
  7. Durban Chapter Meeting – 24 November, Hilltop Manor. How to Get More Business – Roger Knowles. Find out more here.

Robin Pullen (Pretoria Chapter Vice President) on Dr. Alan Black
We enjoyed welcoming back Dr Alan Black to the Pretoria chapter meeting. Speaking on Do I have to be creative to be a professional speaker? Only if you want to be asked back and make money!

We learned that your topic will get you in the door, however, your creativity will get you invited back. In his own personal story Alan held our attention and highlighted the highly creative traits of fluency, flexible, elaborative and being highly original.
Some of what I took away is the idea of practicing ONE creative trait a week, over 13 weeks cycles. That means you will work on each trait at least four times through the course of the year.
In the Professional Mastermind Segment we learned how to tell a compelling story and even how to reach the left brain audience through touching each of the four creative elements. Ultimately, Alan reminded us to get to know the people that we are working with. He inspired us that we need to stop telling other people’s stories and “find our own voice”…and then get on and write a book!
Birthdays in November
Happy Birthday to our November babies:
Douglas Kruger (Jhb) – 5th
Robin Pullen (Pta) – 7th
Gelani Dladla (Jhb) – 9th
James Robertson (Jhb) – 9th
Pontsho Manzi (Jhb) – 11th
Faiez Kirsten (Cpt) – 12th
Lizo Bango (Cpt) – 12th
Nick Christelis (Jhb) – 19th
Georgina Hatch (Cpt) – 20th
Anthony Masha (Cpt) – 21st
JD Mdu (Dbn) – 24th
Callie Roos (Pta) – 25th
Andrew Horton (Jhb) – 28th
Meshack Khosa (Pta) – 29th