What’s in this month’s newsletter
·         What skriks me?
·         What’s happening?
·         What do we need?
·         What have we got?
·         Superstar of the month
·         Mampara of the month
·         Who is visiting South Africa?
·         Michael Port – Book Yourself Solid

What skriks me (“frightens” for the British speaking citizens)?
Lot’s of things (especially the Stephen King clown in “It” – still check under the bed every night). But, pertaining to PSASA:
·     Too many accidents happening to our speakers. Last year members Morongwa andAyanda were in an accident. Morongwa made it, and as you know, unfortunately, Ayanda didn’t. Now I hear that Pretoria member, Nigel Smith has just had a motorbike accident and is in bad shape at home. Get better quickly, Nigel. Only one or two of us get our clients to pick us up by helicopter (Stef and Billy ;-)), the rest of us are mostly on the road. Take it easy out there, be watchful, be careful and don’t be windgat. Ask member Andrew Horton (not about being windgat) about his accident and we’ll realise why we have to be vigilant.
·      We don’t have a Deputy President. Roger Knowles has had to resign the position after his heart operation. He is busy recovering. I suspect it might be a long and hopefully not too painful journey. Get better soon, Roger. And, there is a speaker that is seriously ill – you know who you are – I don’t want to mention your name as I’m not sure you want it to be public knowledge. My thoughts and prayers are with you – you have meant a lot to me over the years.

·         Johannesburg Chapter Meeting on June 14 (Simone has already sent the Jhb members the invite – please RSVP to her). Guest speaker – Hannes Dreyer speaking on Wealth Creation. He is arguably the richest man in the PSASA (judging by his game reserve and that the definition of wealthy is having 3 x more income than you’ll ever need – I stand corrected, but I think he has that “wealth”.) So, he is probably someone we want to listen to. I was at a Pretoria Chapter Meeting last year and he pulled more than 80 people to the meeting.

·         Durban and Cape Town – Ask your Chapter Presidents (Claire Newton (Dbn) and Eddie Botes (Cape Town). I’m not sure what their plans are.
What do we need?
·         A Deputy President! I’m sure Simone will put out a call for nominations soon
·         An Editor for the newsletter
·         Convention Convener for the Johannesburg 2012 Convention. It’s an easy job … just ask Claire Newton 😉
·         Update your profile on E-Speakers. The details have been sent to you. And, when you do, please re-look at your profile with critical eyes. Some of the profiles I’ve seen on the old website have not been that person’s best work. And, whilst you are relooking, reevaluate why you are in this game. I’ve taken a piece out of Michael Port’s, Book Yourself Solid and this might give you some direction. See it at the end of this newsletter
·         We need to speak for a fee more. Weekly … you reckon that’s achievable?
What have we got?
·         A super motivated (to serve you) President’s Council. I wish them the best for this year and know that this is going to be (as the birders say) “A Big Year” for them and for the PSASA
·         Online Marketing – Francois Muscat. We’re lucky to have him – I rate him as one of the top 3 online marketers in this country (he speaks all over the world on the subject). I’m a big fan (am I gushing?)
·         Social Media – Fred Felton. I met you at Vocal is Lekker and think you’re a solid guy. Make us proud.

Superstar of the Month (Totally subjective)
That must go to Claire Newton. She ran the most profitable convention ever (by a long shot).

Mampara of the Month (super subjective)
Hyperbole. To all those speakers who claim that they speak to 100 000+ people every year. Come on, get real. If you spoke every day for 365 days a year and your average audience comprises 100 (which it doesn’t), you’d only speak to 36 500 and if we were generous and doubled that – 73 000. Stop talking nonsense. Here’s a what I read on a speaker’s website recently – if it is yours, stop it –As one of the best motivational speakers and keynote speakers alive today (no problem with your ego); 1st in Africa for public speaking. He has been ranked 3rd in the world by an international public speaking body (the only champion speaker I know of is Douglas Kruger who won the Toastmasters Southern Africa champion of speaking 5 times) and, he speaks in 17 countries every year to over 350 000 people.” Give me a break. Learn from the busiest speakers in the PSASA – they fly under the radar and practice their craft without much fanfare, they are humble and really nice people.

Who Is Visiting South Africa?
I know of two international speakers who are visiting South Africa in June:
·         Our own Frank Furness. He is running a Speakers Bootcamp in Melrose Arch today and tomorrow. I think from the PSASA, Eddie Botes and Andrew Horton are attending it. I’ll be on it tomorrow. Next time Frank runs a bootcamp we’ll let you know way in advance. This man is one of the most successful speakers to hail from South Africa and can teach all of us a thing or two about the speaking business.
·         European Direct and Digital Marketing speaker, Michael Leander. (Check out his website – it is one of the better speaker websites I’ve seen). He is in the country under the auspices of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

Do you remember the “old days” when an international speaker was in the country, we’d send out an email and SMS and set up a quick meeting to hear this person. Let’s do this again. If you know of an international speaker that is visiting the country, contact your Chapter President and see if we can get an hour of the person’s time. Like most people in the PSASA, these “internationals” are super motivated to give back to the industry that has served them so well.

Michael Port – Book Yourself Solid
If you want to operate from abundance and integrity and have some joy whilst running your business, ask yourself the questions posed by Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid:
– How can I be fully self-expressed in my work to create meaning for me those whom I serve?
– How can I work only in the areas of my greatest strengths and talents so that I can shine?
– How many relationships with people of purpose did I make and deepen?
– How can I better listen to and serve my ideal clients?
– How can I wow people with substance?
– How can I over deliver on my promises to my clients?
– How can I co-operate with other professionals to create more abundance?
Keep asking these questions to set a solid foundation for your business, build trust and credibility within your marketplace.