Dear Reader,
Good news! Professional member, Chris Vermeulen will be taking over as editor from your’s truly on August 2012. Chris is the Chief Executive Officer of Kwapele Learning & Consulting (Pty) Ltd. The company provides contract employment opportunities to its associates in the field of development and delivery of outcomes-based training solutions, specialising in life and business skills.  Chris has had extensive experience as an editor for various newsletters. Listening to his vision for the PSASA newsletter, I’m extremely comfortable handing it over to someone with his expertise. I seriously think the newsletter will grow into something amazing under his stewardship.

As you may know, I have been elected National Vice President 2012 – 13. So, the newsletter is more serious as I’m supposed to act more “presidential” and quite honestly I didn’t have a whole lot of content to work with   ;-). Also, our National President, Adolph Kaestner is doing a great job of keeping members informed on what is happening in the PSASA. So, we don’t want to duplicate his efforts in the newsletter. My primary tasks as National Vice President are: convention chair and member health (read more about member health at end of the newsletter).

What’s in this month’s newsletter
·         Chapter Health
·         Chapter Meetings
·         Member Birthdays
·         Recovering
·         New Fee Structure
·         Member Health
Chapter Health
·         Cape Town – [22 members] 11 professional members … 11 candidate members  … 1 associate (Welcome to new associate Mariza Breitenbach).
·         Durban – [20 members] 9 professional members … 7 candidate members … 4 associates
·         Johannesburg – [73 members] 41 professional members … 22 candidate members … 10 associates (Welcome to new professional member, Colleen Joy-Page and candidate member, Dina Marais)
·         Pretoria – [22 members] 14 professional members … 6 candidate members … 6 associates.
Chapter Meetings
Our administrator has already sent you the details and if you have any queries regarding meetings, contact your chapter presidents.
·         Cape Town – 9 July
·         Durban – 19 July
·         Johannesburg – 12 July
·         Pretoria– 24 July (morning meeting)
The PSASA has invested in a cool gift for those speakers that present at our meetings. With this gift you can get in touch with your inner spy. It is a pen. Not an ordinary pen, mind you:
It has the covetted PSASA logo on it. Great for impressing Russian spies called Natasha. No, [NAME], you won’t be able to impress her with your drinking prowess – she’s been fed vodka since she was weaned off the breast.
It can actually write. Great for signing those speaking contracts or for cribbing neat ideas from other speakers’ presentations. If that doesn’t work, just take out your camera and take photos of their presentation. As speakers we are so vain, we think the folks are taking photos of us so that they can later get an autographed copy.
A memory stick. You can get all that classified information. Just stick it into another speaker’s laptop and steal his/her presentation. You might need Natasha to distract him/her so that you can get to the laptop. Imagine what that presentation  would be worth on the open market?
A laser pointer. Now you don’t have to stand in front of your presentation, getting arc eyes from the glare whilst you are pointing at something on the screen. And, if you are seriously bored, use the laser pointer to entertain your cat … it keeps the cat engaged for hours (and, you too, of course). And, of course, if you get busted stealing another speaker’s presentation, you can shine the laser pointer in his/her eye. It will give you at least 10 seconds to make your getaway.

·         Ronnie Muhl – 3 July
·         Paul du Toit – 13 July
·         Hannes Dreyer – 16 July
·         Jacques de Villiers – 23 July
·         Nikki Bush – 25 July
·         Brenda Nkosi – 27 July
·         Harry Welby-Cooke – 29 July
·         Petro Janse van Vuuren – 31 July
Nigel Smith – He is recovering well after his accident. He must be, he went through the biltong basket we sent him in a flash ;-). He will soon start the process of walking again. Go for it Nigel, we are all rooting for you.
New Fee Structure
By now you should be aware of the new fee structure. The PSASA is phasing out the monthly debit orders as it is an unwieldy, expensive and an administrative nightmare following up on members who haven’t paid. You will be required to pay either a semi annual or annual fee on the birthday month of you joining the PSASA. I’m sure you will be given advance warning as to when your fee is due:
·         Professional member – R2100 semi annually or R3850 annually (you get a month free if you pay annually).
·         Candidate and Associate member – R1 500 semi annually or R2750 annually (one month free if you pay annually).
Member Health
The national vice president has member health under his/her portfolio. In a nutshell, this entails:
·         Keeping current members happy by addressing their concerns
·         Ensuring that members get timeous communication about PSASA news
·         Recruiting new members