Dear Reader,
Welcome to the first newsletter of 2012. I trust that this is going to be a good year for you and that you get as much speaking, training and consulting as you can handle. If you have any comments, concerns or contributions regarding the newsletter, you can send them to
In this edition

  1. President’s Message
  2. Convention News
  3. Joburg Chapter Invades Iran
  4. UnConvention in Australia
  5. Stef du Plessis Founders Award and Hall of Fame Awards Nominations
  6. Chapter Succession Planning and AGMs
  7. Chapter Health
  8. Chapter Meeting Dates
  9. By The Way

1. President’s Report
Happy 2012 and  welcome to a new year. Our first newsletter of the year and much excitement abounds in the PSASA.
Okay… I’m still alive! Yes December was a scare, not just for myself, but for my family as well. Luckily I had no muscle damage after my heart attack and got away with two stents. Since then I have taken it easy, built up my energy for the new year as well as started an exercise program, changed my diet, etc. and am proud to say am healthier and fitter than ever before!
First, our convention is only a few months away. Claire and her team have planned an awesome event and if you haven’t booked yet – you need to do so soon. Besides networking, learning and catching up with friends, you will meet some great overseas guests.
Second, we had a very good Presidents Council meeting on 21 January and through a great democratic process Adloph Kaestner was voted in as Deputy National President and will be taking over the reins from me at the end of April. I feel that the PSASA will be in excellent hands as Adolph’s dedication is 110% and I am sure he will take this association to new heights.
Have an awesome year and may ‘most’ of your dreams come true in 2012. Take note I say, ‘most’ so that you still have some left for 2013!
Warmest regards
2. Convention News

Yesterday was the end of the early bird special (but you knew that already). Convention convener, Claire Newton shared her vision and how the convention is playing out at the Presidents Council meeting on 21 January. It sounds like it is going to be an absolutely learning and fun-fest. She has packed so much into it and there is something in it for everyone.
Great news, you can probably get your convention fee back: if you are attending the Convention you can sell your product … be it books, CD and DVDs (and, yes Jurgen, you can sell your Cool Tools as well).
3. Joburg Chapter Invades Iran
Ok, I had to use the sensational title to make sure you read the article ;-). Three chapter members presented a keynote address and a workshop at the 11th Conference for Quality Managers in Teheran, Iran on 17-18 January. More than 700 delegates attended the conference.

Ian Rheeder (left) was voted top speaker at the conference out of 20 speakers. Andy Brough’s (the good looking guy in the middle) workshop was voted the best at the conference. Jacques de Villiers just wheedled his way into the picture and held a plaque.
4. UnConvention

If you’re in Australia in March, why don’t you attend NSA Australia’s Convention. Click here for more information.
5. Stef du Plessis Founders Award and Hall of Fame Awards Nominations
Please remember to nominate your choice for the Stef du Plessis award and the Hall of Fame (HoF) Awards for 2011/12. Deadline is is February 29, 2012 at 5 pm.
Click here for HoF nomination.
Click here for Stef du Plessis Founders Award
6. Chapter Succession Planning and AGMs
It’s coming to that time of year where we need to start looking at chapter succession planning i.e. electing new committees. For those of you who want to serve your chapter members in a leadership capacity, put your hand up and volunteer. It is an absolute adventure, sometimes frustrating, but mostly rewarding. Chapter Presidents, you need to have your AGM at your March meeting so that voting can take place. Remember, to be a chapter president and vice president, you have to be a Professional member. Of course, any member can serve on the committee in any other capacity. So, make your intention known to your chapter president.
7. Chapter Health
For those of you that are statistically inclined, here are the number of members in our chapters at the end of December.

  • Johannesburg – 89
  • Pretoria – 30
  • Durban – 28
  • Cape Town – 26

Total = 173 members
8. Chapter Meeting Dates
Please diarise the following meeting dates. Your chapter’s Vice President Education will send you full details about the speaker and programme shortly.
Johannesburg – Wednesday, 8 February (Andrew Horton will be telling us how he made R500 000 in speaking and training out of social media in 2011)
Cape Town – Monday, 13 February
Pretoria – Thursday, 19 January
Durban – Thursday, 23 February
9. By The Way
Birthdays for February
Helen McIntee February 5
Claire Newton February 9
Estienne de Beer February 9
Anil Salick February 13
Chris Vermeulen February 14
Craig Ferreira February 16
Roy Blumenthal February 17
Billy Selekane CSP is the only Speaker in Africa to have recognition from both World Speaking Authority Organizations:
In 2009 he was awarded The Communication and Leadership Award (The Golden Gavel in the US) by Toastmasters International Southern Africa.
In 2011 he achieved his CSP through Global Speakers Federation presented by NSA in the USA. So in essence he is a record holder in Africa, and the highest recognised speaker.
We will shortly be updating and changing our website platform. This will mean that you have to upload new profiles with e-Speaker and the GSF. Details will follow. It is a good time to see if you brought your A-game to the party when writing your profile. I’m sure your profile is brilliant, erudite and spelling-mistake free, but when I checked mine, it is really not up to scratch. It is all about me and not enough about the benefits I bring to clients. So, mine will definitely be getting an overhaul (Jacques de Villiers).
Johannesburg Chapter will be holding a fundraiser in March for the PSASA. Details soon to follow.
We need a new editor to take over from Jacques de Villiers in May. He wants to retire to North Korea.
If you have any news relating to PSASA, please send it to