Have the door opened to the EXCITING world of professional speaking.

There is an entire industry, made up of people who get paid to speak – from TED Talks to auditoriums holding thousands, from religious assemblies to corporate training rooms and public seminars, the work of professional speakers is exciting, fulfilling… and profitable.
Find out how to launch a career in this industry and get paid to speak.
If you have ever wondered what it would be like to earn your living through speaking professionally, don’t miss this seminar!
You will:

  • Learn about different aspects and interests involved;
  • Find out about opportunities here, and internationally;
  • Learn how speakers market themselves;
  • Discover how speakers leverage their talents through products and online
  • Learn about speaker associations, agents and event organisers.

Join us for a promo evening for those wishing to know more about speaking for payment. 
Venue: Gateway Hotel;
Date: 26 November 2014
Time: 17h30
Cost: R200 for non-members and R70,00 for members, includes dinner.
Booking essential, please book online by clicking here.
Looking forward to seeing you there!