PSASA, was involved in a ‘first-of-it’s-kind’ meeting this last Saturday 24th October in Soweto.

The SA Events Council meeting, hosted by Bheki Twala, and the Township Events and Business Council organised a meeting at SUD Restaurant, in Vilakazi Street in Soweto.

Member associations of the SA Events Council got together to discuss possible new ways to #Collaborate and support each other in response to the challenges of lockdown and the inability of most organisations in the business events industry.

Each association at the meeting had an opportunity to present what they do, and explain how they are navigating the changes needed to keep adding value for their association members.

PSASA was warmly welcomed, and in addition, there were a few attendees who chatted to Joni Peddie after the meeting about the possibility of joining the PSASA, in order to benefit from being part of a community and finding a place to be inspired during these turbulent times. #ComeHome.

The latest safety protocols and communication strategies to keep both Government and business sectors informed were discussed.

South Africa, as a country is trailblazing, and we’ll see a few world firsts for how we handle issues around managing though pandemic times.

We all agree that COVID 19 type issues are here to stay, so innovative thinking is needed!